I love that the holidays are here! Before I begin to share Christmas related posts I want to share the hike we went on the day before my birthday in October. Honestly it was such an amazing day and a wonderful hike to do with our girls and as a family! The hike was the Rainbow Gulch trail to Rampart Reservoir in Woodland Park. It is a 3.4 mile hike there and back. The trail definitely captured the gorgeous fall colors of the changing leaves! We’ve been to Rampart Reservoir years back but this was a different trail.

Though the trail was busy it was so wide that it wasn’t a big deal. The changing colors of the Aspens and trees all around were absolutely breathtaking. I snapped so many pictures haha, I loved it! We saw many dogs on the trail including puppies we got to pet! On the way there we saw a deer and some cattle. On the trail we saw lots of birds, ducks a chipmunk, and fish! The wildlife we saw on the trail was so wonderful.

This hike was amazing, so beautiful and peaceful. The weather was great and the sun was out. I also brought our telephoto lens, which is forever a must on hikes. The trail was full of birds and I was able to get plenty of zoomed in shots of them in the trees and in the water. The trail followed a creek for awhile and then you get to the beautiful area of Rampart Reservoir. I loved the beautiful water and all of the ducks swimming in it, I was able to get some close up shots of them. The girls really enjoyed the trail. Mila and Mackenzie walked for part of it. It was cute helping Mackenzie walk along the trail as she was learning to walk at the time.

We packed a picnic of yummy sandwiches with paleo bread I made and the best paleo brownies. They were so good and it was the perfect treat to eat them as we viewed the gorgeous lake and all of the ducks and wildlife we saw. This crow was acting very strange too jumping all around, even the ducks came over to see what was going on.

This hike did take awhile. By the time we got there and back, I think I remember it being around 3.5 hours. I have to admit towards the end it became long because our girls wanted to be carried and with our backpacks and them, it got heavy haha. Also it was chilly and we forgot Mila’s coat but it worked out for her to wear her daddy’s vest. All in all it was such a wonderful day spent with my family in beautiful nature. We plan to do this hike again, perhaps every fall! I highly recommend the Rainbow gulch trail to Rampart Reservoir hike!

Rainbow Gulch Trail to Rampart Reservoir Hike