We have been painting the exterior of our home since Memorial Day. It has been a huge labor of love that my husband has overtaken with a little help from me. He’s done an amazing job painting our house, it has been no easy feat. All that is left to paint is all the trim mainly in the back of our house and a few more coats on the trim in the front of our house. Anyway our weekends have been busy with my husband working on the house. To balance it so that it isn’t all work and no fun we’ve been hiking on one weekend day. Last weekend we went on a family hike at Blodgett Peak Open Space Loop in Colorado Springs. This area is so beautiful! The leaves were changing colors to beautiful yellow, oranges and reds. We even saw a buck deer! It’s really nice that this trail is located near a neighborhood. This is very convenient for us versus driving way into the mountains.

Fall family hike at Blodgett Peak Open Space Loop

We attempted this same hike another weekend but it was cut short due to a storm. This time around the weather said blue skies and it was so beautiful and actually quite perfect. The Blodgett Peak Open Space Loop is great for families with little kids like ours because it wasn’t very difficult. It was short which is perfect for having a 1 year old and 3 year old. Mila brought her backpack this time and her favorite stuffed animal, Monkey. This time we didn’t bring a lunch but some snacks of apples. We got lunch after our hike. There was such a wonderful cool breeze that was so refreshing. It was the perfect medium so that it wasn’t too windy but strong enough to hit you and feel healing. It was so nice. I was also excited to use my new hiking backpack for the second time.

The mountains were stunning and so were all of the tall evergreen trees. There is a wonderful view towards the city too. The path is very wide once you get on the wide path after the narrow trail in the beginning. It took us about an hour and twenty minutes. It was the perfect afternoon hike. Mackenzie even walked a little bit with me on the trail. She got over her hiking carrier, so Thomas and I took turns carrying her the rest of the way. Mila did such a great job hiking most of it with us. There were certain portions that we carried her such as steep portions and when she got tired towards the end. We look forward to doing this hike again. It was a lovely afternoon hike with my family and the views were just gorgeous with the fall colors arriving. I highly recommend this trail!

familyj hike at Blodgett Peak

The buck we saw!

Fall family hike at Blodgett Peak Open Space