Hey all, its been forever since I’ve posted a blog post. With the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve really taken this time to spend with my family and go within. A positive result of this pandemic is that I’ve honestly have become more spiritual. I haven’t felt inspired to post anything until now. I want to share some of our summer adventures. Though we didn’t go on many we did go on a few. We were able to go camping at Marshall Lake in Colorado with my parents. They have a membership to the Louisville Rod and Gun Club and we spent a wonderful few days and one night at the lake with them. We had our own private area to camp away from others.  We went on this trip the end of June.

Camping at Marshall Lake in Colorado

First off, the view of the lake with the mountains in the background is so stunning! Thomas and I went to CU Boulder and you see gorgeous views of the Flatirons there, so that was a treat to see that same view again. This trip was especially special to us because we haven’t camped in literally years. It was Mila’s first time camping and Mackenzie’s as well. Mackenzie was about 11 months old at the time and Mila 3 years old. We all had a wonderful time. Though it wasn’t camping in the woods it was still a fun adventure.

My parents had their RV and we were able to stay in a pop up camper that they have and let us borrow. It worked out so wonderful! I truly believe pop up campers are the best of both worlds, you feel like you’re in a tent but at the same time are elevated off the ground and have the luxury and convenience of a comfortable place to sleep, eat, and hang out it. Pop up campers are perfect for families with small kids. It was also nice being able to use the restroom in my parents RV versus having to squat somewhere outside haha.

The views of the lake were so beautiful. I absolutely loved seeing pelicans swim in the lake! I definitely love seeing wildlife where ever we go. Unfortunately we weren’t able to swim in the lake but we all had fun fishing. Mila especially loved having her grandpa teach her how to fish! Mackenzie enjoyed practicing walking around the tables and chairs. They both loved spending time with their grandparents. Grandma made us a wonderful dinner and brought glow sticks for the girls at night. We had an awesome camp fire and I made us peanut butter pie which was so delicious which we enjoyed after dinner around the fire.

We woke up the next day and headed back to the Springs. It was a wonderful little getaway. It was so windy during the night and that kept us up a little and nursing Mackenzie during the night was kind of stressful, but all in all it was worth it! The wind was also very refreshing. Nature is very healing and strong winds cleanse us. We had a wonderful time with family at Marshall lake. 🙂

We hope to go back soon in the future with them. It was nice that it is a members only place because it wasn’t crowded and worked out well that we were able to find a space which is first come first serve.

I hope you are doing well during this pandemic. I’ll be back soon with more posts and photos to share!

That was our camping spot where the RV is in the photo by the trees on the right