our 2020 breakfast nook

It’s been a few years since I’ve shared photos of our home decor. Since we bought our home in 2017 we’ve changed it a lot. We’ve actually painted every wall in our home which was a huge labor of love. I have my husband to thank for his ability to paint our house to perfection which wasn’t an easy journey. Painting is tough! We both love color so we painted lots of accent walls throughout our home. It’s taken this long to find the right decor pieces to decorate the space too. There is still a blank wall down in our family room. This year I am determined to finish every room. Today I’m here to share our 2020 breakfast nook.

I shared the space when we first moved in here. Back then I wondered whether I should paint the wall and add art and I did both! How different it looks in the before and after photo!

Our 2020 breakfast nook

Before in 2017 when we moved in and After February 2020

The wall color is called Tropical Spray by Valspar. I love blues and this color just spoke to me out of the hundreds of paint chips we looked at. There are only three chairs in the breakfast nook because I felt that it was too crowded with four. If we have guests and need the extra chair we will of course bring it out.

our 2020 breakfast nookbreakfast nook gallery wall

Gallery Wall in our breakfast nook

I am a big fan of art and gallery walls. This is our second gallery wall, the other one is in our dining room. I just think it is fun to have beautiful images and artwork on walls and especially large walls that would otherwise be blank. I’m not a maximalist but I’m not a minimalist either, I think my style falls somewhere in between. I know its not everyone’s cup of tea to have art all over the wall, but I do enjoy it.

breakfast nook gallery wall

Our 2020 Breakfast nook gallery wall art

Top Row

Black and white flower photograph (I won this photo in an online giveaway in 2012)

Provence Fields by J. Harris (thrifted)

Spring watercolor scene of Pikes Peak (thrifted)

The Bridge at Argenteuil by Calude Monet (thrifted but you can find a print of it on Amazon here)

Bottom Row

Spring Bouquet by Renoir (thrifted but you can find the print here on Amazon)

Floral Bouquet Wall art  (Hobby Lobby)

Bird on a Branch by Tali Yalonetzki (Artfully Walls)

Squirrel Plate (Anthropologie – no longer available)

Bird Plate (Anthropologie – no longer available)

Cheetah Mama and Cub (Tuesday Morning)

Our added kitchen cabinet for storage

Our kitchen doesn’t have that much storage. It was so bad that I was using one of the cupboards to store dry goods at the expense of dishes being cluttered together on the shelves. Then one day I realized we had a little white cabinet that would fit perfectly in the space. It has glass doors that partially hide the stuff it holds. Now our dishes have more room in the cabinets and all of our dry goods now live in this cabinet. It’s been a great change.

Additionally, an added bonus to adding this kitchen cabinet for storage is now there is room for it to hold houseplants! This is a great window for plants too so it all worked out. I love this plant corner!

The houseplants

From left to right

Madagascar Dragon Tree, Philodendron, Wax plant and a hanging Golden Pothos plant. On the table are two vases of water rooting of Swiss Cheese plant cuttings.

The updates I still want to make

I’ve always been a fan of wicker, rattan, bamboo and natural elements. I still love our bamboo pendant and bamboo chairs, though I do want to update the cushions to possibly be a solid color of gold or yellow. Yellow will compliment the blue wall color and curtains that are in the kitchen. What do you think?

The brown wood railing will eventually be painted a dark brown/black color. The black will make it look more modern and compliment the blue wall color in our 2020 breakfast nook.


I still want to add a few other pieces of art to our gallery wall in the breakfast nook. What do you think of adding this stems framed art? I’ve added it to the gallery wall below and the size is accurate. I really like how to deep blue pulls colors from the other art in the gallery wall, specifically from the blue bird plate and the Monet scene.

Another option that I like is hanging this flower basket on the wall.

Here is an option of the artwork and the basket.

Below is another pretty basket option with the art print.

What do you think? Do you like the baskets or art on the gallery wall? We have two other baskets to the right of the white cabinet so I think they will tie in. I love the natural look of baskets and especially this one with the pretty blue design. I also am all for supporting Fair Trade products and businesses.

I really enjoy our breakfast nook. It is peaceful, bright and the plants and art just make it a comfortable and beautiful space to be in.

I’ll be sharing more rooms in our home this year and look forward to it! What do you think of our 2020 breakfast nook? It definitely looks better than our 2017 version and I’m excited to see how it changes in the future!