For years I’ve tried growing an avocado plant from the pit and it finally happened to work out last year! How cool is it to grow a plant from food waste! What a wonderful example of zero waste. Today I am going to show you how to grow an avocado plant from the pit. In past years I wasn’t successful in growing an avocado plant from the pit because I was using the wrong type of avocado. The smaller avocados are harder to germinate and these were the only type I was using. You need to use an avocado pit from a large avocado which are way easier to germinate often times already growing a root, which is what happened for me! I found an avocado pit that had a tiny root already growing. So next time you’re making guacamole or just getting some avocados for your meal buy the larger avocados. Additionally, the riper the better.

How to grow an avocado plant from the pit

Step 1: Use an avocado pit from a jumbo Hass avocado

We got some jumbo Hass avocados from Sprouts. I cut open the avocado to discover the avocado was already growing a tiny root! So the first step is to buy a jumbo Hass avocado and you may even discover a root already growing. Even if you don’t see a root growing the larger avocados, specifically the jumbo Hass avocados, are the strain you want to use to grow an avocado plant from the pit. This is the type of avocado that successfully germinated for me.

I don’t recommend using an avocado pit from smaller avocado strains as these are difficult to germinate and I’ve never had success with them.

grow an avocado plant from the pitgrow an avocado plant from the pit

Step 2: Place toothpicks on the side of the avocado pit and submerge it in water and wait for it to grow roots

Rinse off the avocado pit and place toothpicks on the sides of the pit with the pointy part of the pit facing up. I placed mine in a glass of water that I put on a table near a window in my dining room. Make sure the pit is always submerged in water at least three quarters of the way. Put fresh water in at least once a week. Also make sure that the avocado pit doesn’t get too much light. The avocado plant likes bright light.

I put my avocado pit in an East facing window and honestly the plant was happy there and grew roots rapidly.

avocado plant roots

Look at the roots! The avocado plant’s roots in October 2019.

Step 3: Once the roots have grown to be four inches long plant the pit in soil in a pot

I let the roots of my avocado plant grow very long. I then planted them in an organic potting soil. Make sure that you half of the pit is exposed in the soil and fill the pot so that it is almost entirely full of soil. Water the soil and use a moisture meter to help you to know when it needs to be watered. When choosing a pot make sure it is the right size, not too big or too small.

I placed my avocado pit in a 6 inch painted terracotta pot. I always recommend terracotta and ceramic pots over plastic ones. Plants don’t breath as easily in plastic pots versus ceramic or terracotta.

grow an avocado plant from the pit

Here is the plant about a month ago in December 2019.

grow an avocado plant from the pit

Here is the avocado plant three months later in January 2020. The leaves are so long and the plant is very happy!

Step 4: As the avocado plant grows be sure to transfer it into a bigger pot in the Spring when it’s ready

I found this beautiful ceramic pot at Tuesday Morning and hopefully will transplant it into this pot this Spring. I just love blue and white pots! These blue and white ceramic pots would be perfect to use for the different stages of growth!

Step 5: Continue to let the avocado grow naturally until about a year later when it begins to branch.

Once the plant branches you can trim and shape it as you prefer. My fingers are crossed that this Fall I’ll be able to see the avocado plant begin to branch. I’ll update this post with more photos when the time comes.

Step 6: Enjoy your new beautiful avocado houseplant that you grew from the pit!

For further reading I recommend the book Don’t Throw It Grow It by Deborah Peterson and Millicent Selsam. This book is full of tons of plants you can grow from various plant seeds that would have otherwise been kitchen scraps for the compost bin.

Have you ever grown an avocado plant?! Please share your tips. Have you ever grown some other cool plant from kitchen scraps? In the future I want to try growing a mango houseplant from a mango seed!