I’m excited to share this DIY boho advent calendar tutorial with you today. Now that our daughter Mila is almost three years old, she is SO excited for Christmas. As soon as it was December she was asking everyday if it was Christmas yet, so I decided to make an advent calendar so we can always count down the days to the special day year after year. Growing up I never had an advent calendar but think the concept is brilliant and fun. I have been filling each pocket with delicious organic chocolate each day for Mila and eventually Mackenzie too.  This advent calendar was made entirely using materials I already had on hand, which was so awesome! What makes this advent calendar boho is the use of kantha quilt scraps and other colorful fun fabric. It is so simple to make with basic sewing skills, here is how to make it.

DIY Boho Advent Calendar

Supplies needed

  • standard size pillowcase
  • fabric for tree shape and ornaments
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • scissors
  • mason jar lid to cut out ornament shapes
  • fabric paint
  • dowel or bamboo rod to hang the calendar
  • ribbon
  • decorative trim (optional)

First start with a pillow case.

This is a standard size pillow case that we didn’t use and was in our donation pile. This one is 100% cotton. This pillowcase worked perfect as the base material for the advent calendar.

Next, cut up fabric for the tree shape and sew it on the pillow case.

First I layered the fabric it to figure out the design. Attach the fabric by sewing it on to the pillowcase. A simple triangle shape is what works for this DIY Boho Advent Calendar. You can use any fabric but I had left over green kantha quilt scraps from a curtain I made for the patio door. Using green fabric will make it look more like a Christmas tree but use whatever color you desire.


Cut out round ornament shapes using the lid of a mason jar. Layer them onto your tree.

I found a mason jar lid the perfect size to fit all twenty five ornaments onto the tree. Use whatever fabric you have on hand or purchase fabric in whatever color palette you would like. I had blue fabric in a kantha quilt fabric and I really wanted to use the red paisley fabric but it ended up being too thin. Most of the fabric I used was a thick cotton and even outdoor fabric. The thicker the fabric the better because it will help support the treats you put in each pocket.

Zigzag stitch around the edges of each fabric ornament.

This is an important step to do so that the edges of the fabric don’t fray. I varied the color of thread and the zigzag stitch.

Pin and sew on the round ornament shapes to the fabric tree.

When you sew on the round ornament fabric pieces make sure to only sew them about half way around so that there is a wide enough opening to place treats in them.

Sew on a star to your tree.

I had a mandala print fabric that worked here as the perfect star. I cut it out and sewed it on as the star to the advent calendar tree.

Fold over the top of the pillowcase where you put the pillow in and sew it across.

This opening will hold your wood dowel.  I used green thread and thought it would be fun to do sew multiple lines across. Don’t worry if the lines aren’t straight. I wasn’t going for a perfect straight line, a curvy line is fun and bohemian.

Use a dowel or bamboo stick to put through the opening on top of the boho advent calendar.

This will be the support of it. I had a bamboo stick that I cut down a bit to fit. Put the dowel or bamboo stick in the opening.

Tie ribbon to both ends of the dowel.

You will use the ribbon to hang it on a nail on the wall.

Use fabric paint to write on the numbers on each pocket.

The funny thing is this fabric paint is more than ten years old! Haha. I had it from making festive t-shirts in high school. It was unopened and worked perfect for the numbers. I chose to use a curvy font, so I looked up some fonts beforehand and jotted them down out on paper beforehand to use as a guide wile writing them on each fabric pouch.

Add decorative trim to the pillow case end. (optional)

I had a pretty embroidered flower trim that I sewed on the bottom to make it more festive. I was going to use a tassel trim but didn’t have enough. Use whatever you want to add more flair to the advent calendar. If you don’t have any decorative trim, don’t worry, it will look beautiful regardless.

Sew a piece of fabric (or trim) to some ribbon to use as the day marker.

I used the the same flower trim or fabric as the marker and sewed it to a piece of white ribbon. This ribbon will tie to the dowel and mark each day to the count down to Christmas.

Hang the DIY boho advent calendar on to your wall and enjoy it year after year!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY boho advent calendar tutorial! If you ever make one I’d love to see links to your finished product! Have fun, be creative and enjoy your Christmas countdown and all the yummy treats this calendar will hold for you and your loved ones. Happy Holidays!


DIY boho advent calendar - A tutorial to make your own DIY boho advent calendar using fun fabric