dining room gallery wall

Since last October we have been working hard to repaint our entire home. The interior of our home was once a beige color. Now most of the home has been painted a shade of white called Polar Bear by Behr. The home feels so much fresher and modern with the new paint color! Since we painted the home I was excited to recreate a dining room gallery wall. This time I added more artwork and extended the art up to the top of the vaulted ceiling. I love the way the dining room gallery wall looks now and how it’s been transformed!

Here was our old gallery wall. It wasn’t as big of a collection of art and it didn’t move up to the top of the vaulted ceiling.

What I love about white walls are the way they make the colors in the artwork stand out and pop. I added the Tiger and Leopard and baby plates. I’m so happy with how they look added to the dining room gallery wall. They add dimension and break up the rectangular shapes of the frames.



Art sources

The orange and yellow painting on the far left with a river was hand painted in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico by a street artist. It was amazing to see him paint with spray cans in front of an audience, he had lots of beautiful creations. We picked up the painting when we were on vacation there back in 2012 and now I wish we would have taken home more than one. Now I know for the future to bring back more art from our travels!

The Red Rock painting above that was found at a thrift store. I love it because it is of red rocks and it reminds me of Utah and living there.

At the very top of the dining room gallery wall I have two signs, one that says ‘Namaste’ and ‘Welcome’, I picked these up here. Thomas and I are big fans of color so I love the variety of color this gallery wall brings to the dining room and our home.

If you are curious about other art sources, I may have those listed in that post of our old gallery wall. If you have any questions on any art in the photos please let me know and I’ll try to share sources.

Our updated dining room gallery wall

We were on the hunt to look for a dresser for our little one on the way and we went to a warehouse sale where they had to get rid of everything ASAP. We didn’t like the dresser but I did spot this gorgeous Claude Monet print and absolutely loved it! It was in a dark room and when we brought it outside in the light it looked even better.

The Claude Monet print was meant to be in our dining room because it perfectly fits on the wall directly opposite the gallery wall. I love how large it is and all of the beautiful array of color in the painting. The painting is 3.5 feet wide and long. It is a dreamy painting and I am a fan of Claude Monet so it fits in well inside our home. We got this beautiful piece of art for just $40!

I just love the way the gallery wall looks with the art extending up to the ceiling. Over time I may even add more art below the pictures. I do like the look of a full wall gallery wall.

What do you think of our updated dining room gallery wall? We love it! It is fun to sit and eat while looking at the beautiful art. Have a great day!