diy crochet produce bags

I really dislike the plastic waste of produce bags. I always carry my groceries home in reusable bags so my next eco-friendly goal is to bring my own reusable crochet produce bags. On Pinterest I stumbled upon patterns for crochet market bags and produce bags. I love crocheting and actually years ago I had an Etsy shop where I sold crocheted lampshades around the world. There is even a cafe/pub in London, The Canteen, that still has my crocheted lampshades hanging there! Anyway, I was thrilled to find a pattern that will be perfect for carrying fruits and vegetables. I’m excited to show you all these sweet little DIY crochet produce bags. These make the perfect gifts too! I love handmade gifts and I think these are both practical and cute. I made these crochet produce bags for mother’s day gifts for my mom, sister, stepmom, grandma and others in my life. Personally I would love to receive these as a gift! The bags are nice too because although they don’t look large they stretch and will be able to hold a large amount of produce.

How to make crochet produce bags

First choose your yarn.

I try to use yarn that isn’t all synthetic. The type of yarn to use for these bags depends on what your craft supply store carries, what your budget it and the type of yarn you prefer. I used both medium and light weight yarn. Since the weight of the bag will be factored into your produce purchases, the lighter the bag the better. So I prefer the light weight yarn, shown as a 3 on the yarn packaging. I ended up using Yarn Bee Brushworks yarn in Ivory, Purple and Olive. This yarn is made of 80% acrylic, 20% alpaca. It is so soft and worked perfectly for the bags!

The other yarn I used was I Love this Cotton yarn, in Sage and Olive which is 100% cotton and a medium weight. These bags turned out really nice. However, they will be slightly heavier. These would be great to have at Farmer’s Market to carry your produce in, without the fruits and vegetables actually being weighed in them.

I recommend using the light weight yarn for produce bags that will be weighed at the grocery store in the bags. This way you aren’t paying as much since the bags way less with the lighter weight yarn.

Lion Brand Yarn Baby Soft is both a natural fiber that is 100% cotton and a light weight yarn which would be perfect for these bags.

Supplies you will need

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook in size K- 6.50 MM for light weight yarn, size J- 6.00 for medium weight yarn (Feel free to play around with crochet hook sizes and interchange between the two for either weights of yarn)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn threader

Follow this crochet pattern

You will need to know some basic crochet stitches such as a slip stitch, chain, single crochet and double crochet. YouTube and the internet you can help you figure this out.

The pattern I used to make each crochet produce bag is found here. As described by the pattern maker this pattern is for personal use only and this pattern may NOT be resold or used to make bags to sell.

I modified this pattern by changing the body, in step 2 by repeating this for four more rounds. I also cut out step 6. So for my bags I did CH 1, DC 1, for four rows and then CH 2, DC 1 for 5 rows and then ended with one row of CH 1, DC 1.

When you have finished the pattern use the yarn threader to weave in the ends.

Experiment with crocheting your bags. Some I did certain rows longer and shorter then others. Have fun with these bags, use different colors for two tone or even more colors to make them special and unique.

Alternative crochet produce bag pattern

You may notice that the bag below with apples in it is different then the other bags. To create this bag I used this crochet pattern and made the handles differently using the above linked pattern for the handle straps. The first produce bag below was also used created in the same way. If you want to try this pattern give it a shot! (Sorry it looks like the link to the pattern has been taken down)

crochet produce bagscrochet produce bags

Enjoy your finished DIY crochet produce bags!

I’m so excited to have these for grocery store runs! Now I no longer need to use plastic bags to put my produce in. These also are the perfect size for toddlers! Mila loves filling them with fruits and vegetables at the store. I have to admit I really enjoyed making these bags as gifts. It took me two weeks to make about 18 of these, crocheting while Mila played and while watching shows. Each one doesn’t take more than a few hours to make. I definitely think they are worth the time and effort!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you bring your own produce bags to the store? I’m so happy to have these crochet produce bags now and hope you give them a try!