handmade boho curtains

Our dining room has a large window that has been without window treatments for far too long. At first I thought the pull down blinds were enough but since we do live in Colorado and it is cold in the winter it makes sense for us to have curtains up to keep the warmth in. So when my aunt gave me a gorgeous floral paisley shower curtain I transformed it into handmade boho curtains for my dining room and matching ones for the kitchen window. I am so happy with how beautiful these curtains turned out! They are definitely my style and I love how I was able to find a matching fabric that brought a yellow tone that ties in with the gold in the room and the white tassel trim makes it special, fun and bohemian.

While I’m not making this into a DIY post since I didn’t document what I did along the way, I just thought I would share the handmade boho curtains with you guys and give you an idea for bohemian curtains. These were easy to make!

Creating these curtains was a three step process.

  1. First I cut the shower curtain in half and sewed along the edges to finish them. I used drapery rod clips to hang them up. We have pretty high ceilings so the curtains were probably a foot from touching the ground. I needed to add more fabric so they would touch the ground otherwise they would just look silly.
  2. The second step was finding a fabric to extend the curtains. The paisley floral print has gold tones in the design so Mila and I set out to Joann fabric to find a beautiful fabric to compliment it. We found the honey mustard fabric there. I cut off more of the print fabric to make the honey fabric area a bit longer. This extra fabric from the shower curtain was then used to make matching curtains for the kitchen. Below is a photo of the curtains made without the added trim.
  3. The third step was to add the finishing touch to the handmade boho curtains with a tassel trim. Tassel trim can be very elaborate and expensive, luckily I found an affordable option with this trim. The trim is simple, pretty and exactly what I was looking for. On sale it was just $1 a yard!

The total cost of the fabric and trim was about $20! Not bad for a new pair of handmade boho curtains. 🙂

I also realize I’m breaking a rule by not having the curtains wider than the window. The curtains just cover the window but this isn’t an issue for me. I always have the blinds fully open and keep them open all day to let as much sun light in as possible. I like the look of the curtains pushed to each side of the window too. Having the curtains cover the window will be great for winter as well and they still work for added privacy.

My handmade boho curtains

These are the little curtains I made for the kitchen window. I plan to spray paint the rod gold soon.

I really like how they look with the other decor and paint in the kitchen. I’ll do some a post on our transformed kitchen nook soon! Have a great Sunday!