With our little one on the way in July I am rethinking our current baby wipe use. Since Mila was a baby we have used Water Wipes, the purest form of baby wipes, though not the cheapest. Now that Mila is two and we are working on potty training her, sometimes I feel that it is a waste to use a throwaway wipe when we already use cloth diapers and have cloths to wipe her dry so she doesn’t get a rash. Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to make DIY cloth baby wipes with a simple stitch on your sewing machine. Not only will you save $30-40 every 3 months, you will be eco-friendly, resourceful and creative.

We had so many flannel receiving blankets that we weren’t using.  I had a cute set of floral and solid print Laura Ashley receiving blankets that worked perfectly for making these DIY cloth baby wipes. Any extra fabric you have lying around should work to make these DIY cloth baby wipes. It is so nice to reuse something your already have! A cotton flannel material will work best. You can find cute fabric at many places including tons of options at craft supply stores in lots of fun prints.

DIY Cloth Baby Wipes

First cut your cloth into squares

I cut the receiving blankets into about 8 inch by 8 inch squares. In order to have a reference I used our organic cotton wipes that we bought when Mila was a baby as a size template.

The easiest way I found to cut up the blanket is to fold it into halves until they make a square.

I cut up three receiving blankets in this way, which totaled about 50 wipes. We now have enough baby wipes for our little girl on the way, yay!

Now use a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine along all four edges to prevent the fabric from fraying

This is really simple. Align the zigzag stitch so that it aligns with the edge of the fabric and sew along all four edges. This stitch is great at enclosing the threads of the fabric so they won’t fray. Have fun with this! Use a variety of colorful thread and even switch up the zigzag stitch if you want. Below I used the setting of four, and then used a tighter zigzag stitch with the five setting. It took longer with this one but I like the variety it brings to the cloth baby wipes and I love how they are all unique.

I loved being able to use a bunch of different colored thread for this project. My sewing basket was full of smaller spools of thread that I wasn’t using that worked perfectly here.

Mila had fun hanging out with me as I made these. 🙂

That is it. Enjoy your finished DIY cloth baby wipes!

DIY Cloth Baby Wipes

How to use the wipes

For the past few weeks we have been using these cloth baby wipes and loving them. They have been holding up really well. I feel so happy we are saving money by not buying baby wipes, especially since we already cloth diaper and I now easily throw the wipes in the cloth diaper laundry bag and wash them all together. We have a pretty blue glass spray bottle full of filtered water that we spray on the wipes to wipe.

Then for number two diapers we use toilet paper to get the solid chunks off, place it in the dirty cloth diaper and dump it all in the toilet when it’s time to spray it. Then we use a small 2 oz amber glass bottle that has a little bit of castile soap, oil and water. I used this recipe for the spray. While I know essential oils are popular, these days I’m not really into them for a number of reasons but feel free to add essential oils.

Our DIY cloth baby wipes work wonders in our diapering set up. The spray bottles are perfect to spray the wipes with and its all working well for us. I’m so pleased with this new eco-friendly diapering routine now with cloth wipes instead of disposable ones!

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY cloth baby wipes tutorial!