Hey guys! Now that Spring is here and I am out of my first trimester I am excited to start blogging again. I am currently pregnant and Thomas and I are expecting another little one at the end of of July. We are so excited! I am now 23 weeks, 24 weeks on Monday and in my fifth month of pregnancy.

At my 20 week anatomy scan we found out the gender of our little one. We are having a … girl!! Honestly, I thought we were having a boy based on my reflexology gender predictor post and other signs, like craving savory food, etc. Yet, I still was unsure of our baby’s gender and I was/am craving sweets. I was a little shocked when the ultrasound technician said we are having a girl, I guess I just had it in my mind we were having a boy. I am thrilled to be having another daughter and Thomas is over the moon as well! My sister is my best friend and I’m so excited for Mila to get to experience the wonderful bond of having a sister. 🙂

How I’m feeling:

I’ve definitely felt nauseous this pregnancy, way more than when I was pregnant with Mila. My first trimester was rough. I felt sick and tired everyday. At 16 weeks most women get over their morning sickness, so that it is a night and day difference, but not me. I still get waves of it but it has drastically decreased from the first trimester. While I’ve been nauseous, I’ve only vomited once, so it hasn’t been as bad as some women experience. They do say that being pregnant with girls you do experience more morning sickness, so that makes sense.

They say too that you get a burst of energy in the second trimester, but I haven’t really felt energized, haha. Mila isn’t currently taking naps most days, so I am exhausted by the end of the day. All is well though and I’m getting through pregnancy with a two year old.

It really is a beautiful thing to see your body change, stretch and grow. While I definitely feel pregnant and uncomfortable at times, I’m enjoying this period in my life. We always wanted two kids and I think we definitely still just want two children, so this may be my last time being pregnant and I’m embracing all aspects of it.

Below are some snapshots of me at 23 weeks. My bump really grew the past week or so, it was crazy how it just transformed over night. Earlier this week I really felt the sensation of my belly stretching and it was painful. Thankfully I’ve been feeling fine lately.

I feel our little girl kick so much! It is so crazy to feel and exciting. 🙂

Clothes situation:

I have maternity tops from my previous pregnancy. I don’t really have any bottoms that fit me right, so it has been a bit frustrating. When I was pregnant with Mila I was about 10 pounds heavier. I have five pair of cute jeans that are just too big on me around the waist. I don’t think I’ll be able to grow into them. My non pregnancy jeans still fit but are tight so I just use the rubber band tie technique. I’m thankful I have one pair of jeans that fit but are still a little loose. Since its Spring I think my maxi skirts will fit and I’m just planning on wearing those the rest of my pregnancy. I’ll keep you updated, but I probably should just go buy one good pair of maternity jeans.

What I’m craving:

This year I’ve been really into cooking, I’ve been cooking and baking up a storm. The first trimester I craved savory food like bagel breakfast sandwiches but that has shifted and I have been into sweets. I craved muffins a ton when I was pregnant with Mila and this morning I made the most amazing blueberry muffins from Alton Brown’s cookbook. I haven’t had lots of deserts, though I did make an amazing gluten free chocolate cake in a bundt pan for Valentine’s day (its SO amazing!) and not too long ago I made chocolate chip cookies that are equally amazing – hands down the BEST recipe ever! My current favorite, that I’ve only tried last weekend was Talenti’s Double Dark Chocolate Gelato, yum it was so delicious and full of little morsels of semisweet chocolate. Yes, I am a sucker for chocolate! Haha.

I’ll keep you guys updated along the way and I think I will do more pregnancy updates with baby bump photos.

Are there any things you guys highly recommend trying, eating, wearing during the second trimester?! I’d love your advice!