gender prediction and reflexology

I love reflexology. I find it so interesting that areas all over our feet correspond to different areas of our body. When we massage these specific areas of the foot we are also treating whatever organ or area of the body it rules. Years ago when I was pregnant with Mila, I stumbled across reflexology and gender prediction via online mom forums. The gender of the baby is predicted by comparing the two bottom parts of the foot, the area from the base of the heel to the ankle bone. This area of the foot rules the uterus and the ovaries. The foot that is thicker or bulgier in this area shows the side with the baby bump. If it’s on the left foot it means it’s a girl and the right side signifies a boy.

We have exciting news, we are expecting a baby at the end of July! We are over the moon. It took us months to get pregnant and it wasn’t until I stopped nursing Mila at 19 months, after our trip to Hawaii, that I was able to get my menstrual cycle back. Intuitively I think the baby is going to be a boy. I’ve even had multiple dreams of giving birth to a baby boy at home. I am going to put reflexology to the test to predict the gender of our second child. Right now I am 16 weeks. We will find out the baby’s gender at the anatomy ultrasound scan at 20 weeks.

I have a reflexology book called Foot Reflexology: A visual guide for self-treatment by Jurgen Jora, that shows visually how this area of the foot rules the uterus and ovaries.

Reflexology and Gender Prediction

If you put your heels together, this is the area you are looking at to see the difference:

The best way to visually see the difference between both feet is to make a foot print of your feet in ink or paint. I used Mila’s washable paints to make footprints of my feet.

If your looking at both feet in the area that rules the uterus and ovaries, towards the heal, my right foot seems noticeably larger than the left foot. It even seems to have a bulge around the edge. This would mean that we are expecting a baby boy. Which is so exciting because we would love a son!

I’ll let you know in four weeks whether reflexology and gender prediction is accurate!


I’m sad to say this wasn’t accurate in predicting our baby’s gender. Clearly I thought that the right foot seemed larger in the uterus and ovaries area in the footprint above. At my 20 week appointment we got the confirmation that we are in fact giving birth to a baby girl. Then at my 24 weeks appointment we had a quick peek to confirm our little one’s gender and it again was confirmed to be a baby girl. We are beyond thrilled to have another little girl and it was fun to try to see if this was accurate! I’m sure it may be accurate for others?

Have you ever done this test?! Was it accurate for you?!

P.S. If you are interested in reflexology, these stone massage slippers are amazing! I wear them around the house while I do chores and they work on the reflexology points on my feet. At first it hurts but with time it actually feels good to wear these with the added bonus of helping your body!