As soon as things opened after Hurricane Lane fortunately didn’t hit, we were off to visit the beaches again. This time we went to a public beach, Kailua Beach in Oahu, Hawaii. It was beautiful. The beach was full of people but not a lot compared to the usual Saturday crowds. We had so much fun at Kailua beach! We packed up sandwiches for lunch and ate on a picnic table right by the ocean. Then we scouted the beach for a perfect spot to hang out at. We took turns watching our toddlers while we all had a chance to swim in the amazing salty water. I had a blast swimming  here! We spent hours enjoying the waves and the ocean. It was fun to see kite surfers and Thomas and Matt threw a frisbee. We brought snorkeling gear to try to snorkel but the day we went the water wasn’t crystal clear so we weren’t able to snorkel. Regardless, it was a fun filled day spending time with family. Mila and Lucas enjoyed playing the the sand together. After we got done hanging out at Kailua Beach we went on an amazing lighthouse hike!

If you ever are visiting Oahu, Kailua Beach is a fun place to check out! Stay tuned for another three more posts on our trip to Hawaii!

Kailua Beach in Oahu