Pancake Rocks Trail

I’m 30 now, I have now lived three decades and am in my third decade of life. It feels different, my 20s were for exploring, learning, growing up, having fun and being more carefree. My 20s taught me many lessons and they helped me define my style, my taste, likes and dislikes and understand more of who I truly am. At 30 I feel that I can walk forward more confidently in my own skin. What is just is, nothing is good or bad it just is.

The principles in the book The Four Agreements, especially the one about not taking anything personally have great importance to me. I feel a whole lot wiser and I’m happy to be in this new decade in my life. My 20s were definitely fun, but as a mother and wife, I love having a family more than anything. Thomas and Mila mean the world to me and it’s the best thing ever to wake up each day to them and anticipate the joys we will experience throughout that day of life.

To celebrate my 30th birthday we went hiking in the beautiful outdoors here in Colorado. I love my birthday because its in early Fall when the aspens are changing colors in the forests of the mountains. The area near Cripple Creek, Colorado is known for having beautiful foliage so I looked up a trail near by and we hiked the Pancake Rocks Trail. It started to rain a little but the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day! I was even greeted by the cutest bird on the trail that came up to me as if to say, “Happy Birthday Felicia” it was so special!

The hike was long about 6 miles and it connected to another trail. When we were almost to the Pancake Rocks, Thomas stopped and thought we were going the wrong way. So we went back to this other rock structure we saw in the distance and decided to do something we’ve never done before. We bushwhacked the trail to get to those rocks! Thomas was in boy scouts and knows everything about navigating in the woods including knowing survival skills. So he navigated us to the rock structure and back.

It was so thrilling to get to the top. The wind was roaring and we were feet away from a steep cliff. It was an amazing feeling to be up there where no one else was to see such a stunning scene! Afterwards we ate some almond butter and jelly sandwiches. It was the best birthday and so memorable! After we went hiking our legs were so tired. We drove to the town of Cripple Creek and Victor trying to find somewhere to eat but since we were on the hike for about 5 hours, it was 4:30 pm when we finished. We decided to have dinner in Woodland Park. I’ll have more photos in the next post.

Here are photos on the way to getting to the trail:

Below we arrived at the trail head.

Bushwacking the Pancake Rocks Trail

The prettiest archway!

This is the rock structure in the distance that we bushwhacked to!

On the way to the top of the rock structure.

The view from the top!!

Here is a little video I took from the top of the rock structure we bushwhacked off the Pancake Rocks trail. The wind was so intense, the moments up there were incredible!

My handsome husband our our sweet little girl 🙂

It was so amazing to be at the top! It was exhilarating! It was so windy my hat flew off, luckily I was able to get it, lol.

I had the best birthday ever! I will have more birthday photos in the next post!