On our trip to Oahu Hawaii we got to experience visiting an amazingly gorgeous beach, the beach to visit in Hawaii, Bellows Beach. This is my sister’s favorite beach on Oahu and for good reason. The views are stunning. Gorgeous teal waters and gigantic purple mountains as the backdrop. It is also military only during the week so very few people are there. The beach is open to the public on the weekends so if you aren’t military associated definitely come visit then! This place is a dreamy paradise. I can’t get over how beautiful it was! It was so serene and relaxing to be here.

We had an incredible animal encounter as we entered the area. On the way to our beach cabin, we saw a wild baby boar on the side of the road! Wild boars live in the forests of the area. What a special moment to be able to see a magnificent animal in the wild! We also saw really cool red-crested cardinals (Paroaria coronata). Jellyfish washed up on shore. We saw a few and were careful to avoid them because they can sting.

The plan was for us to spend three nights at a beach cabin here. Unfortunately with Hurricane Lane, which thankfully didn’t hit, our reservations got cancelled so we were only able to spend one night there. Honestly though the beach cabins were a bit run down. We enjoyed our stay for the night, especially falling asleep to the sound of the ocean’s waves, but it was really nice to go back to the luxury of my sister’s house.

It all worked out and we all had a fun and peaceful time at Bellows Beach. We highly enjoyed our day in the gorgeous and healing salty turquoise waters! I loved swimming in the ocean and having the waves crash into me. I wear contacts so I wore goggles while in the water and it worked great to plug my nose when a big wave came.

Have you ever been to Bellows Beach? I highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance!

The beach to visit in Hawaii, Bellows Beach

A beautiful red-crested cardinal.

Corinna, Matt and Lucas. We just finished breakfast outside while watching the waves of the ocean 🙂

We saw little crabs too!

Mila and her cousin Lucas had fun playing in the sand on the beach 🙂

Thomas had fun boogie boarding!

The goggles I wore came in handy lol.

The water was so beautiful, soothing and healing.

Jellyfish washed on the shore.