morning stroll in Oahu, Hawaii

We are back from our trip to Hawaii! Even with a hurricane scare, we were able to have a fun filled trip! It was scary when we arrived and Hurricane Lane was a category five status. We went to Costco and stocked up on tons of bottled water and food. Costco was a madhouse! We also went and got candles. I’m glad we were prepared for it if the hurricane hit us. Fortunately, there was not a hurricane and we were able to experience a lot of fun stuff. We did everything I wanted to do that I stated in this post, besides the guys surfing. Today I want to share our morning stroll in Oahu, Hawaii that we took the first morning we arrived to my sister’s house.

Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous! I loved all of the tropical foliage and vibrant flowers and plants. It was amazing to feel the heat of the morning sun as we had a relaxing morning walk in my sister’s neighborhood. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to visit my family on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii with Thomas and Mila. It was so heartwarming to see Mila hang out with her cousin Lucas. 🙂 Most of all was grateful to see my sister who is my best friend. Also to have our families create happy memories together.

I will be sharing lots of posts on all of the adventures we had in Hawaii within the next few weeks!

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Our morning stroll in Oahu, Hawaii

This was the friendliest neighborhood cat on his morning stroll too, happy to say hi 🙂

Mila and her daddy in front of a beautiful pond.

I loved seeing the tropical landscaping!

What a cute gecko.

These gorgeous flowers were in my sister’s beautiful backyard.

My sister and her family’s lovely Hawaiian home.

Pretty backyard birds of paradise.

These cool trees were everywhere in Oahu!

Beautiful hibiscus.

I loved seeing all of the palm trees!

This morning was so beautiful. Do you ever go on morning walks? I love noticing all of the details in the natural world. The gecko and gorgeous flowers were my favorite to see!