Fall backyard garden

When the Sun moves into Libra it is officially Fall and my birthday season. 🙂 I love the cool weather, sweaters and cardigans, wearing boots, drinking tea and pumpkin everything! Fall is my favorite season for all these reasons. Fall is here and so are the beautiful blooms growing in our garden.

This garden has been a labor of love, we transformed it from a once patch of grass into a flourishing ecosystem full of bees, dragonflies, butterflies and other insects. I’ve even seen some hummingbirds drinking the nectar from the flowers! Our Fall backyard garden is flourishing and quite beautiful. I adore all of the lovely butterflies that visit the flowers in our garden, especially the zinnias.

I enjoy hanging out in our backyard and sitting among the flowers or looking at them. Our garden is so tranquil and peaceful. I love sitting on the bench with the warm rays of the sun shining down. The vibrant orange from the marigolds I planted from seed look amazing. In a previous post showcasing our backyard garden makeover the marigolds were still growing. Now they are beautiful  blossoms and plentiful. The zinnias that were planted from seed are going strong as well.

I love our Fall backyard garden! When we wanted a garden early this Spring and began to pull up the sod to create it, I never imagined it would look as good as it does. I couldn’t be more happy with how our garden has transformed!

This is Riley’s favorite spot in the garden

Mila loves hanging out in our backyard, especially going down her slide 🙂

What are you enjoying about Fall so far? What are your favorite Fall flowers? I hope you enjoy this Fall season!