Ka'ena Point

One day on our vacation in Hawaii, among the uncertainty of Hurricane Lane hitting the island, there wasn’t too much we could do. We drove to one beach took photos and then ate ate at Stormy’s which was absolutely delicious! We got the fish and chips which I highly recommend! After we had lunch we all drove to Ka’ena Point.

My sister and brother-in-law said that seals come to bask in this area. We were hoping to see seals and didn’t, but the views here were so beautiful. It was cloudy and the waves were dramatically crashing against the shore. I dipped my toes in the water, it was so cold and refreshing. It was also so windy and it felt so good! Our time here was so peaceful and serene. I highly enjoyed being here!

My sister started to collect sea glass from the sandy shore. Within time we both collected a large handful of sea glass in various colors! I want to glue the sea glass to a frame and then frame a photo from our trip in it. It was really fun searching for sea glass, seeing the beautiful waves, lava rock and hanging out as a family.

If you ever are visiting Oahu, you should definitely check out Ka’ena Point. There are also some trails near by if you have more time to explore.

Ka’ena Point in Oahu, Hawaii