Evening at Bellows Beach

The first morning we woke up in Hawaii, we went to Costco to stock up on food for the trip. We also got food and water for Hurricane Lane that thankfully never hit. After a food and water run we arrived to Bellows Beach. I was so excited to get into the water. By this time it was evening. No one was on the beach, but two other people and us. To step into the ocean after years of not visiting salty water, was absolutely refreshing. I had a blast swimming in the ocean’s waves! We took turns so that my sister and brother-in-law would swim and we’d watch our nephew. Then they would watch Mila, while Thomas and I swam. I had fun swimming with my sister too.

When night came we barbecued for dinner back at our cabin. It was completely soothing falling asleep to sounds of the waves crashing on to the shore. It was so wonderful waking up at the beach cabin and spending another day at the beach before we left.

An evening at Bellows Beach

Evening at Bellows Beach

Thomas was doing handstands in the ocean 🙂

Sisters 🙂