Cottonwood Beach in wymore, Nebraska

The week before the Fourth of July we went to Nebraska to visit Thomas’s grandma at their cabin at the lake at Cottonwood Beach in Wymore, Nebraska. We would have went for the Fourth of July, but that was Thomas’s busy season at work. This place is very special because this is where Thomas grew up going every summer as a child, to swim, explore and have fun. Now as a parent, our daughter Mila is able to create the same happy memories here. 🙂

I absolutely love Cottonwood beach! It is a beautiful oasis in the middle of nowhere with its own habitat and ecosystem. It was incredible seeing a Blue Heron everyday. We even saw muskrats on the bank near the water! Tall Cottonwood trees surround the entire property among lots of other vegetation. Thomas’s grandparents bought the land and created this oasis from scratch! It was once a gravel pit. There is about 23 cabins that are in the area and people are a members of Cottonwood Beach. Thomas’ grandpa built their cabin by hand as well! It is an decagon shape and is so beautiful inside. His grandma is incredible, she runs the whole place pretty much by herself! She mows the lawn and diligently takes care of the property. This year marked the 60th anniversary of Cottonwood Beach.

We went during the week when no one was there, so it was pretty amazing to be the only ones in the water and have the whole lake to ourselves! I was seriously in heaven here. Swimming and being in water is probably my favorite thing about summer. I just love to explore and swim. The lake is fed by natural springs and you could feel a rush of cold water under you every so often. This was so refreshing! With the water steps away from the cabin it was absolutely perfect to swim everyday and enjoy the peaceful serenity of the magical environment.

It truly is a magical place. At night there were probably millions of fire flies that lit up the field near the entrance and glowed so beautifully it was an amazing sight to see! Also, every morning Thomas’s grandma would get freshly baked doughnuts, they were delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed every doughnut I ate, lol. I don’t ever eat doughnuts at home, but on vacation we allow ourselves to indulge and enjoy ourselves. We also swam a lot so we got exercise in too!

Our days were full of swimming, exploring on the paddle boat, relaxing, and eating yummy meals as a family. Mila didn’t really want to swim but she played in the sand near the water and had fun with her grandma and great grandma and uncle Ben and Lexi. I was so grateful for them watching Mila as Thomas and I went off swimming through the day.

The days were blazing hot, in the 90s and 100s. The air was also very humid! My hair was at its worst here lol, but with hats it was all good. This is why the water was the best, because it saved us from the heat and made it so fun and enjoyable. It was also fun taking walks around the lake especially under the coolness of the gigantic trees.

Our nights were spent on the pontoon boat on the water and later around a fire pit, roasting marshmallows and just taking it easy with good company. Stormy the cat and Trusty also joined us on the boat! It was a wonderful week! A great time to unplug, have no electronics and just appreciate being present in the now.

We had fires at night, roasted marshmallows and had delicious home cooked meals as a family. We also went out a few times to eat at restaurants. Wymore, Nebraska is a tiny town, so it was pretty cool to visit small town America and have a change of pace and scenery.

Cottonwood Beach in Wymore, Nebraska

loving every moment in the water!

Trusty having fun in the water

Mila and her great grandma

Mila and her great grandma

Ben and Lexi on the paddle boat

This is where we saw the muskrats off this bank!

Thomas and his brother Ben


Mila and her grandma

Enjoying just relaxing

The family!

Beautiful sunset on the way home

What about you, is there a place you love to visit that is the perfect peaceful getaway? A place to not have electronics and enjoy the moment? I’d love to hear about it!