backyard vegetable and herb garden
Thomas made an awesome raised bed from scratch for our backyard vegetable and herb garden this summer! He made it out of  corrugated metal and cedar wood. Right now it is bountiful and thriving with vegetables and herbs! We eat lots of organic and local food, but it doesn’t get any better than eating food you grew from seed in your own backyard! There is something about eating food you grew, the taste is more rich, potent and delicious, especially in tomatoes. I feel so blessed to have our own backyard vegetable and herb garden! This freshly grown food truly is a gift from nature. So far we’ve only harvested the chives, basil, cilantro, spaghetti squash and cucumber. I look forward to the bell peppers, tomatoes, chili peppers and chamomile. We have chamomile growing in another little area outside of the raised beds. It has been amazing eating all of the spaghetti squash in pasta dishes in place of pasta! I love spaghetti squash! Thomas put the garden on a drip irrigation system so it is so easy watering them and they are water efficiently with no waste of excess water. It was very nice having fresh soil to put in the raised bed so there is pretty much no weeds to pull. I think we planted the perfect amount of vegetables and herbs. It is so nice cooking in the kitchen and just walking to our vegetable and herb garden collecting basil, lettuce or whatever we need for our dish right from our own beautiful garden! We grew all of the plants you see in our backyard vegetable and herb garden from organic seeds! We also got a late start to planting them in late May, so we might not get that much out of the season, but I am thankful that we were able to grow these from seeds and have food and herbs to harvest. I’m also so excited for all of the tomatoes to become ripe. We plan on drying some of the tomatoes in our dehydrator which taste delicious and will be yummy in meals and as snacks. Most of all I look forward to the chamomile and having fresh chamomile tea! I look forward to having fruit next summer! We plan to put raspberries, strawberries and blueberries in the area to the right of the raised bed where there is currently just lava rock. We also want to plant some fruit trees to the left of the raised bed, specifically cherry trees! Since these photos were taken, all of the tomatoes are now in cages to support their growth. What about you, have you made a garden this summer? If so what did you grow? Do you have a favorite fruit, vegetable or herb to plant and harvest? I’d love to see the beautiful garden you created!

Our backyard vegetable and herb garden

Spaghetti squash