flower garden makeover

It has been a labor of love transforming a huge patch of sod in our backyard into two separate gardens, a peaceful flower garden and a bountiful raised bed food garden. I’m so excited for you guys to see our backyard flower garden makeover! Months ago I shared the garden progress we made here. We got a pretty late start on planting seeds in the ground and didn’t plant till late May. Our soil was also basically clay too. When I planted the flower seeds and bulbs described here during the garden planning stage, almost none of them came up! I didn’t add new soil to help the seeds flourish which I should of.

Only our Zinnia, Marigold and one Ranaculus grew in the clay soil. We bought most of the plants from the garden center and incorporated good soil when we planted them. Almost all of flowers we bought are perennials but some of them are annuals. The next big step was getting a drip irrigation set up so that we didn’t have to water these by hand which was a tedious task. I’m so thankful and proud of my husband for all of his ‘man’ual labor he did to create our beautiful garden! We worked together to bring this space to life and I couldn’t be more in love with how it turned out!

Our backyard flower garden makeover

Here is the before with all of the sod removed:

Here is the after:our backyard flower garden makeover

The gravel path connects the concrete patio to the raised bed food garden. We wanted it to be a nice stroll through the garden with gorgeous flowers all around. Then we created a sitting area with the bench to relax in. I just love laying on that chair and admiring all of the flowers, plants and nature around.

To the right of the bench I dug the biggest hole I’ve ever dug and in it we replanted a plant that looked out of place in our front yard. It blooms the prettiest yellow flowers in Spring! Right now it is hanging in there, so I have my fingers crossed that it fully survives being replanted. It was a huge plant and it really helps ground the garden and make it look more established.

The African Marigolds grew from seeds. There is lots of them so I have spaced them out and look forward to them blooming! I’ll share another post on them once this happens.

Rudbeckia birta ‘Toto Lemon’

Laspider Shasta Daisy

Dianthus Clavelina

The dianthus flowers above are showstoppers! I love their bright magenta color and they make really gorgeous indoor bouquets.

Dianthus x hybrida ‘WP Passion’

Stitch Witch Dwarf Iris (they are Spring bloomers)

I would like to transform the corner pictured above into into a little meditation corner, with maybe a little water fountain near it.

Here is the view sitting from the bench. Next Spring and Summer I hope to add cute little garden ornaments to add flair to the space.

Veronica ‘First Love’

Red geranium

This gorgeous Zinnia plant was planted from seed and is a show stopper in the garden! I just love Zinnias, they are so pretty! There are also shorter Zinnias growing to the far left of the bench in the photo above that were also planted from seed.

Veronica Dark Blue Moody Blues

Desert Eve Yellow Yarrow

This rose bush we got last summer from the nursery. Right now it is growing a bit wild, but we plan on pruning it before Spring for next year’s new growth.

Viola “Angel Tiger Eye’

Georgia Blue Speedwell

I love how this rock wall turned out! These Tiger Eye Violas are so beautiful. My husband picked them out when they were on sale as described in our clearance plant haul here. These Violas are his favorite.

In this final photo you can see how the garden path leads to the raised bed full of organic vegetables, all grown from seed! I will be sharing our food garden in another post soon!

What do you think of our backyard flower garden makeover?! It’s crazy that all of this space was once just grass! So far we have seen a decrease in our water bill and an increase in beauty, wow factor and time spent in it. I’m so happy we transformed this area to be a peaceful flower garden that we can hang out in and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. I look forward to seeing this space evolve over time! Who knows what it will look like next year? I have high hopes it will be absolutely beautiful!