Mt. Muscoco trail at North Cheyenne Canon Park

Last weekend, Thomas, Mila and I had a great time hiking the Mt. Muscoco trail at North Cheyenne Canon Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Not only were there gorgeous views the entire hike, but we saw birds, a lizard, wild raspberries (which we ate!) and experienced an afternoon thunderstorm. It was refreshing and fun! This definitely is probably my favorite hike we’ve done so far in the area. I loved that the trails were wide and open. The hike we did was about 4 miles total and the views were absolutely stunning! Overall the hike was moderate, not easy but not very challenging, I thought it was perfect!

We hiked almost to the very top, we got to the view that was minutes away from the very top. Just as another hiker put it the view was basically the same and just as pretty. We turned around because thunder and lightening were rippling through the sky and it started pouring rain. With Mila in her aluminum framed carrier we decided to stay safe and head back. We got soaked! Fortunately we had the right gear and rain jackets.

We bought Mila a hiking backpack carrier, which was perfect for her! It protected her from both the sun and rain and she safely was secure in it while her daddy carried her during the hike. We love it and are so excited to take her on many more hikes in the awesome carrier! The rain was actually really refreshing. It has been since our honeymoon that we hiked in the rain so that was fun to experience again.

On our way down from the summit, we stopped on a ridge with beautiful views! We snapped photos and enjoyed our simple lunch almond butter and honey sandwiches with strawberries on the side. We also dried off a little from the rain. Mila was also able to run around and enjoy the views too.

When we were about to end the hiking trail there were lots of wild raspberries bushes full of ripe raspberries! We picked some and ate them and they were so delicious!

Before we left we walked to this little creek near where we parked and I put my hands in the water. It was such a fun day. I felt very thankful to spend our day on the Mt. Muscoco trail at North Cheyenne Canon Park. We can’t wait to come back and do some other trails near by! I highly recommend this trail, the views are stunning and the trails is diverse and full of lots of natural wonders.

Hiking the Mt. Muscoco trail!

Mila looks too cute in her sunnies! 🙂

After the photo above the rain started to come down hard. The photos below are when we reached the top and it was raining. Isn’t the scene beautiful?!



The peak above is where we hiked to. When I first saw it it seemed so far away, but we made it!