DIY rug bench tutorial

Months ago I scored a gorgeous vintage Persian looking rug for $10 at a thrift store!  I washed it on the gentle cycle three times in my washing machine to make sure it got clean. Unfortunately, the rug was fragile and the edges tore off! I discovered that the rug was handmade as parts of it had different material. I figured the rug was done for, until I got the inspiration to make a bench out of it after reading Geneva’s post about creating an ottoman with a rug. We were in need of a bench for our entryway so that is what I made. Today I’m sharing a DIY rug bench tutorial, so you can make your own! It was so simple making this bench and very affordable, the total cost was about $60 for a beautiful handmade rug bench!

DIY Rug Bench

Supplies you need:

  • thick plywood
  • four wood furniture legs
  • Formby’s Tung oil
  • drill
  • staples
  • staple gun
  • rug
  • foam padding
  • pencil or marker
  • wood glue
  • paint brush
  • painter’s tape

First find a thick plywood at the hardware store.

I got my thick plywood at Lowe’s and had it cut to be 2 feet wide and 3 feet long. The wood board should be thick so that it will hold a lot of weight and so that legs can be attached to them. The wood for this cost $20.

Next, add a piece of foam cushion on top of the wood board to make the bench comfortable to sit on.

I used a roll of 1/2 inch foam that was exactly two feet wide and six feet long. It fit perfectly on the wood when it was folded in half. This also made the padding become 1 inch thick. The foam cushion cost $10 on sale. (Make sure to bring in coupons if you buy at Joanne’s, Hobby Lobby or any craft supply store!)

Get your rug and position it on top of the foam padding.



This is the rug I used the one I ruined by washing it in the washer.  As you can see the edges are torn off in multiple places around the edges. It worked perfect for this project because the edges were cut off to be stapled to the wood! I’m so happy I was able to recycle this rug in this project!


Here is the rug placed over the foam cushion and board. Hold the rug in place as you gently flip it over in preparation for stapling.

Get your staple gun and start stapling the rug to the board.

Continue stapling the rug untill it is fully attached to the wood. The corners are harder to fold but with some patience and folding, you should be able to staple it down. Don’t be afraid to cut parts of the rug off in order to get it to attach to the corners.

Once your done with stapling, it’s time to work on the legs.

Use a paintbrush to brush on the tung oil onto the furniture legs.

I purchased these furniture legs from Lowe’s for about $6 each x 4 = $24. The tung oil was a nice finish that wasn’t too glossy and enhanced the beautiful natural look of the pine wood. I wore a mask and eye wear for protection as the fumes were very strong. Then I put three coats of the tung oil and allowed about 12 hours for it to dry between coats. I didn’t do this all in a day but did it over a few nights.


You may want to allow the legs to air out for a day or so if possible in order to let the smell of the finishing gloss dissipate.


Use a ruler to mark where you want each leg to go, drill the holes, add wood glue and then screw in the legs.

Put painters tape on the drill bit so you know not to drill all the way through the wood. Only drill the depth of the screws to the furniture legs. For extra strength put some wood glue on the legs by the screw before you screw them in for final assembly. Let the glue set for at least 24 hours before you use it.












After you’ve assembled everything you are finished! Time to bring it in your home and enjoy it!

We absolutely love our new DIY rug bench! It’s perfect to sit on while putting on shoes and sandals. Mila loves to climb up and sit on it too. It’s a great place to store shoes below or set a purse on or other items. It is the perfect addition to our entryway and I’m so glad I made this rug bench. We will enjoy this bench for many years to come!

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I hope you enjoyed this DIY rug bench tutorial! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!


diy rug bench tutorial