Pueblo Lake

My husband turned the big 3-0 last weekend and on Thursday we went to Rampart Reservoir and Friday we made our way down to Pueblo Lake. We had a late start and honestly it felt like it took forever to get there. When we arrived at Pueblo Lake around 3 pm it was beautiful. It turned out being the perfect afternoon getaway. I was really excited to swim. We weren’t able to swim in the boat area we went to but you could wade in the water, so that is what I did. The highlight of the day was spending time with my family and seeing a turkey vulture!

Once we found the picnic area, we parked the car and walked down to the water. There were Juniper trees all around, cactus, and I even saw a lizard. The mountain ranges in the distance were gorgeous. Birds were everywhere. Swallows would dive bomb fiercely through the air. They were so quick I couldn’t capture their photos!

Covered picnic areas were all around. It was smart they were covered because it was so sunny out. Mila didn’t wear her sun hat for too long, so we made sure to put tons of sunscreen on her and keep her shaded as much as possible. It worked. She didn’t get sun burned. At 16 months she loved exploring and sitting in the water and with her daddy and I. We all chilled and enjoyed the weather, water and view. We had fun! I loved getting into the cold and refreshing water!

There weren’t any sandy areas near the water but there were flat rocks that we sat on while Mila dumped water with her toys in the lake. Most of the time though Thomas and Mila hung out in the lawn chair and I joined them after I was ready to get out of the water. They had a designated swimming beach but it was more of a glorified pool that wasn’t even near the lake, bu rather a lagoon. I liked the area we went even though we couldn’t swim laps.

I love wildlife and it was a treat to see a turkey vulture in the wild! They are called turkey vultures because they have the heads that look like turkey heads. Though many would say they are ugly, I like vultures as they purify the earth by eating the dying and decaying animals.

We snacked on chips and salsa, gourmet cheese and kombuchas. Since we got to the lake later in the day,  we decided to just make dinner at home. Thomas made organic steaks, baked potatoes with chives from our garden and yummy broccoli as soon as we got home. It was the perfect birthday celebration meal to end a wonderful day!