My husband’s big 3-0 birthday was this weekend! To celebrate he took Thursday and Friday off so we could all go on some fun family adventures. On Thursday we packed a lunch and headed to Rampart Reservoir which is near Woodland Park, Colorado to go hiking. We had a blast spending the afternoon here! It was so nice because zero people were on the hiking trail!

Weekends get super busy so we chose a weekday to visit Rampart Reservoir. We saw people fishing and a couple people mountain biking. It was was the perfect peaceful getaway for the afternoon. The forest and lake were absolutely gorgeous, the color of the dark blue water against the white sand reminded me of colors in Greece, even though I’ve never been there. The reservoir supplies the drinking water for Colorado Springs, so there was no swimming or wading allowed. The water looked so beautiful and pristine I wanted to swim in it! Rampart Reservoir is a great place to bring a kayak. Next time we come we are going to bring our kayak!

Thomas wore Mila in the forward facing carrier and she had so much fun! It was the first time too that she ran around on the trail and wanted her freedom of not being carried on the way back after lunch. It was very special and adorable to see our 17 month old daughter walking down the trails and even attempting to climb more challenging areas with a slope. She is a Capricorn Sun and Capricorns climb the mountains whether physical or metaphorical. Thomas and I were so proud of Mila hiking with us!

We found a big rock to have our lunch on. For lunch we had  sandwiches made from gluten free sour dough bread with chicken, sprouts, mayo and avocado. Of course we brought kombucha drinks, our favorite. We also ate some stuffed olives with garlic, Aussie Bites, and some gourmet cheese. Our gourmet lunch was delicious! We then were able to use the rock as a tripod and get some family photos.

Rampart Reservoir is the perfect place to have a picnic. They have lots of picnic tables and grills to bbq. Next time we come we want to kayak and have a picnic in the designated areas they have with the grills and everything. I forgot to bring a blanket, but I’m glad that we found the big rock.

My favorite thing to encounter in the great outdoors is wildlife. We were blessed to see Canadian Geese along the water and some seagulls and a chipmunk. We also saw a deer when we were leaving the park. I loved seeing wild animals, the flock of geese together was so beautiful! I loved seeing all of the beautiful wildflowers on the trail too! We had so much fun this day and we can’t wait to come back this summer!

Rampart Reservoir

Rampart Reservoir Rampart Reservoir Rampart Reservoir