pink roses

Since we are back in my home state of Colorado it was so nice being able to see my mother on mother’s day! On Mother’s Day I got to see lots of mamas, my mom, grandma, aunt, stepmom and cousin. It was a busy day and weekend! The day before on Saturday I got to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother-in-law and Thomas’s grandma. We had a fancy steak dinner and had a good time hanging out.

For all of the little get-togethers we went to, I decided I wanted to make key lime pie. So I did, I made three pies! For three different visits, with Thomas’s family, with my mom and for when we went over to my aunt’s house and I saw my cousins. Everyone loved the pie! Unfortunately I didn’t snap any photos, but next time I make the pie I will. I highly recommend the recipe. The recipe is a raw version and I used honey instead of agave nectar. The recipe called for  almost an entire bag of limes to make the pies. I doubled the recipe but it actually was enough filling for three pies. So I just made three crust recipes. I definitely am going to keep this recipe for future tasty key lime pies!

I wanted to give all the mamas flowers on this special day. My husband went to Costco and got a bouquet of roses. I got little vases for the flowers and we gave each person three pink roses, one from me, one from Thomas and one from Mila. Everyone loved them! I think I might do this with a different flower every Mother’s Day to give to the special mamas in our lives.

Aren’t the roses beautiful? I love them.

Fortunately, there was even some roses left after making the five little bouquets in glass jars. So I kept some of the pink roses to enjoy in our home. I thrifted this handmade pottery vase not too long ago. I was excited to put flowers in it for the first time.

My mom was so sweet and gave me this balloon along with a gift. I have never received a mother’s day balloon. It sure was special!

Mila loved it too. She carried it around the room and played with it until it basically became deflated, lol. I love how balloons are the best entertainment for babies and toddlers. 🙂

So the rabbits in the post title comes in because this weekend a cute bunny rabbit hung out in our backyard. We were eating amazing Bob’s Red Mill gluten free pancakes that my husband made us when we discovered the rabbit outside. We have rabbits often in our front yard, but it was the first time we saw one in our backyard. There is a tiny hole in our fence that the rabbit surprisingly got through. It was fun to watch the rabbit hang out and clean itself and just chill in our backyard. I love wildlife!

Mila looked so cute eating her pancakes so I had to include photos too. She is getting so big! She says so many words these days! We had a homemade blueberry sauce with the pancakes. It was so delicious! Pancakes are my favorite weekend breakfast treat.

That is our cat Willow making an appearance. 🙂

I hope you all had a great weekend and I wish you a lovely week!