I saw this cool wall art in the Sundance Catalog with such a nice phrase, but the price was $398. To save money and make the phrase more my style I purchased a canvas with a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby and used some acrylic paint to hand letter the phrase onto the canvas. Since I had the paint already, I just had to purchase the 24 by 30 inch canvas for $12. This project was very inexpensive and I love how it turned out!

At first I was just going to paint it all in black but decided to use different shades of color. The phrase is an Apache Blessing, but I’m not quite sure of its origin. Regardless where the saying came from, I love it and I think it is a nice addition to our entry way. I enjoy leaving and entering our home seeing such nice inspirational words!



What do you think of the DIY canvas art? I love it and will probably keep it in our entryway for a very long time. I might even frame it at some point. My husband is actually in the process of making us large wall frames from scratch. I’ll be excited to share the finished frames when they are done!


Isn’t this mirror amazing?! It might be my favorite piece of home decor in our home! It is hand carved wood in a beautifully intricate design. We got it at Home Goods. I saw it from across the store and was instantly drawn to it. Then when I saw it up close I knew it had to be ours and would look so beautiful in our front entryway. At some point my husband is going to make a waterfall bench to put in this space below the mirror.

I would really love to get a front door with glass in it so we could have more light in the entryway. A stained glass door would be so pretty! Entry doors are expensive though, so maybe down the road!


The hanging light is from Ikea. The bamboo light was originally intended for Mila’s room but it was just too big for the space. I’m glad we put it here, I love how it looks!



Have you ever hand lettered art to display in your space? If you have a link to it I’d love to see it!