I’m honored to be a mama to our sweet daughter Mila and wouldn’t have it any other way! Being a mother is an honor, a privilege, a blessing and an amazing experience! Each day I feel like Mila gets even cuter and I am so thankful that I get to spend each day with her as she grows up before our eyes. 🙂

Here is a Mother’s Day gift guide of items that I love and I think mother’s everywhere would enjoy on a special day that we get to celebrate all mamas!


T O P  R O W | Mama Bear Mug – $9.95 | Floral Tea Kettle – $39.99 | Mineral Fushion Nail Polish: Pink Crush – $7.59, Glint of Mint – $7.59

  • The mama bear mug is so cute! The perfect gift for the coffee and tea loving mothers and a nice reminder of how special being a mom is. 🙂
  • This pretty floral tea kettle is aesthetically pleasing and practical. How fun would tea breaks be each day with such a lovely kettle?
  • My mom is always sporting pretty nail polish when I see her and this brand is my go-to natural nail polish brand. The perfect gift for mamas who love painted nails!

M I D D L E  R O W | French Basket Purse – $48 | Live 1 qt Ficus Benjamina Plant – $14.05 | Wood Pizza Paddle – $14.99

  • Basket bags are trendy right now but I believe this bag is timeless, gorgeous and large enough for tons of stuff, whether taken to run errands, farmer’s market or the beach. It would match everything too!
  • I’ve been wanting a Ficus Benjamina for a long time and found this option to be very affordable for plant loving mamas out there! It is only 1 quart but it will grow with time!
  • Baking homemade pizza at home becomes more exciting with this classy wooden pizza paddle, a great addition to the foodie mom’s kitchen.

B O T T O M  R O W | Glass Plant Mister – $14 | Glazed Butter Dish – $36 | C & Co Chamomile and Oats Clay Facial Mask – $28

  • This plant mister is a must have tool for helping make your houseplants thrive. I have a similar one that is both beautiful and useful. I mist my houseplants daily and a pretty mister makes the experience all the better. It is the perfect gift for plant loving mothers!
  • Isn’t this glazed butter dish beautiful?! You would never think something you need in the kitchen could be so cool. Perfect for mom chefs everywhere.
  • A chamomile and oat clay mask sounds so fancy and luxurious. I’m sure all moms would love this to use on a day they can pamper themselves at home.

Which item is your favorite?! Which item do you think your Mom would love the most?

I hope you are able to spend Mother’s Day weekend with your mom and celebrate mother’s everywhere whatever form they take!