We have made a lot of progress in our garden over the past few months. First it began with removing all of the sod in that rectangular section of our backyard. This was a lot of work! We used an edging tool to make small sections in the sod and then my husband shoveled them out. I loaded the pieces in the wheelbarrow and dumped them in another area of our yard. This took  a lot of time. Before this my husband took out the sprinkling system in this area. We are going to add in a drip irrigation system to water our new garden. We worked at night and on the weekends and we successfully removed the once green grass in this area.

Step 1. We removed all of the sod in the to-be flower garden area.

Step 2: My husband tilled the soil

My mother-in-law is also creating a garden, so she rented a tiller for four hours and after she was done with it she dropped it off for us to use it. My husband spent about 1.5 hours tilling this area. He did a good job!

By the way the webbing on the top of our fence is our cat enclosure that my husband built. As you may know we have five cats, so we needed a way to keep them in the yard. The enclosure does a good job keeping them in, because cats can’t climb backwards. Riley has removed staples and escaped a few times but we repair them and for the most part our cats stay in our backyard.

Step 3: We picked out gravel and rocks for the garden

We went to a rock center and looked at gravel to add to our garden path. I would have loved having a brick or even stone path, but this would have been more expensive. So we checked out what kind of gravel they had. We chose 3/4 inch saddle back swirl decorative rocks. I think the one pictured below is a bit smaller then the 3/4 inch.

We also wanted to create a small rock retaining wall. My husband saw these on the pallet and we bought all of these rocks for $40.

Mila and I looked around the rock center and loved this stone bench and bird bath! The bench had the four seasons engraved on the top of it of spring, summer, fall and winter. The bird bath was green with engraved leaves and flowers on it. It was so pretty, but also pricey.

Step 4: We got metal edging to form the paths in the garden

We decided our garden path would be two feet wide and winding. In order to create the paths we needed to define them with edging. At Lowe’s we found metal edging for the path and my husband put the edging into the soil where the paths would go.

Step 5: My husband put down weed barrier fabric and added the gravel to the path.

We got weed barrier fabric from Costco and my husband staked them into the paths. We ordered 4 tons of the saddle back swirl gravel and had that delivered on Sunday. It cost $315 for the 4 tons including delivery. Most of the gravel is going to cover another section of our backyard. In the photo above where the grass is, we are going to cover the grass with weed barrier fabric and put the rest of the gravel there. This is going to be our raised bed garden area for food and herbs. I’ll create a post sharing this area soon.

Then he shoved the gravel into the wheelbarrow and filled the paths with the decorative rock. I’m so thankful my husband did all of this manual work.

Doesn’t it look nice?! I love how our backyard garden is coming together!

With the large pallet of rocks we purchased my husband created the rock retaining wall.

Now we just need to plant some of the flowers we purchased on clearance into the ground and start sowing seeds to have a flourishing garden this summer!

I will be posting photos an an update on the section in front of this flower garden area where we are going to have our food and herb garden in raised beds. It sure is exciting creating our backyard gardens!