It had been two years since I have skied, it was at Solitude Mountain in Utah in 2016, just a few months before I became pregnant with Mila. It was so fun to be able to ski again when we took our trip to Shweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, ID. We weren’t expecting to bring Mila with us skiing but we did! The thought came to us when we were dining out for dinner. The next day while Steve and Sherri took some runs, Thomas, Mila and I drove down to the Walmart in Sandpoint and picked up a forward facing baby carrier. Thomas is an amazing expert skier. He can do the hardest blacks and has been skiing his whole life. With his experience we both agreed he was fine to wear Mila and they both would be safe.

We put her in a onesie and pants as her base layer and then put her snowsuit over it. While we were up there we realized she needed eye protection so we found the cutest Smith goggles with popciscles on them at a local shop in the village. We couldn’t find her gloves when we left, so luckily her snowsuit had gloves for her. She didn’t end up wearing the goggles for long so we put down her hat which blocked the sun and kept her head warm.

Thomas asked ski patrol if we would be able to go on a lift with Mila and he said no that they wouldn’t let him on like that. So we ended up finding a little bunny hill where we were able to ski down and take a conveyor belt up. It worked out perfect that we were able to ski with Mila even if it was a tiny bunny hill. Honestly, Mila wasn’t excited about it maybe a little uneasy when her daddy skied with her. She wasn’t used to this motion, but we did this again and again and I think she was more at ease with it. It was adorable to see Mila and her daddy skiing together on the mountain!

Mila looked so cute in her pink goggles! I love these two so much. 🙂 I’m glad Mila was able to be a part of our ski trip, and hopefully next year she can learn to ski!


It was fun spending time on the slopes as a family!


The conveyor belt was pretty cool. You just put your skis on and it took you back to the beginning.

After this we met up with Steve and Sherri and they took Mila back to the condo. We appreciated them hanging out with Mila while we skied. When we hung out with Mila it was my second day skiing. The first day the guys went up in the morning and in the afternoon, Sherri, Thomas and I took some runs while Mila and her grandpa hung out one on one. I think it was very special and cute that her grandpa watched her by himself while we went skiing and they got to bond. 🙂



It was a perfect blue sky day!



I rented my skis but brought my own boots with me. Thankfully we flew Southwest which allows free bags so we were able to bring a big duffel bag with our ski gear and my boots.



I loved all of the trees! They looked so pristine.


The view while skiing was out of this world! I’ve been skiing at five ski resorts before skiing Schweitzer and I’ve never seen a view like this! It is so gorgeous overlooking Lake Pond Oreille! I definitely want to come here again!

Since it has been two years since I’ve been skiing and after having given birth, I just wanted to take it easy. I got a hang of it again and really enjoyed it! Skiing truly is fun and I love that it is a great workout! The snow was great and I’m proud I was able to do some blue runs. At the height of skiing we had a ski pass at Solitude Mountain in Utah and we went practically every weekend. I did challenging blues and was very confident. Honestly though I don’t think I will ever be able to do blacks in my life, they seem way too intimidating and I think I’m happy with skiing blue runs.

On the second day though it was just Thomas and I and I felt more confident then, even when the skiing conditions weren’t as good. We went later in the day and the snow was slushy and also started to get crusty in the shady parts. Regardless we had a blast! I loved being able to spend time with my husband on the slopes!



Honestly, my ski jacket and pants are both too big on me. I had to wear a belt and tighten my jacket, lol. Maybe down the road I can get a jacket and pants that fit me better.


The views were gorgeous. I love the snow covered mountains.



The second day we went skiing just Thomas and I, I watched him bomb down this black run! He is an amazing skier, I was so impressed! He even went off a couple jumps in the terrain park.

The first day we went skiing we took a little break and had hot chocolate at the top of the mountain at the new lodge they built. It was the perfect pick me up to enjoy a delicious chocolate drink. I loved it!





A storm came rolling in and the snow started to sting your face as your skied, so we went down the run and called it a day. We had fun!




When we got back we later enjoyed time in the hot tub.


All in all it was an amazing experience skiing at Schweitzer Mountain Resort! I enjoyed the runs and the company and I can’t wait till we can come back to teach Mila how to ski!