Our living room has been in need of lighting since we moved into our house almost a year ago. When they built our house in the 80s, they forgot to add a light to the room! There is a big window in the room so we have plenty of light during the day, but at night the room gets dark.

I was trying to figure out how to bring lighting to the room without having to make holes in the ceiling or the walls. I found the perfect solution! Plug in wall lights! I have been seeing matte black lighting all around the internet and Pinterest. After searching the web, I came across these Chelsea Sconces from Urban Outfitters. As a reviewer of the lights stated these lights are similar to French mid-century modern lighting designed by René Mathieu such as this light. I love the color, the shape and the overall look of these pretty wall lights.

Our home is very bohemian with touches of different styles, like mid-century modern, so I knew these plug in wall sconces would fit in perfectly on the wall in this room. They especially match the artwork above the couch of the flower bouquet. The black also ties into the screws my husband used on the handmade bookshelves in the room.

I absolutely love how the black lights and moody art contrast against the light cream walls!

The loose cord hanging look seems to be popular these days, but I personally don’t like the look of cords hanging down. To solve this problem, we picked up some cord covers and I painted them the same color as the wall, so they blend in with the wall. I love how they turned out!

It is seriously my favorite thing to lay on this couch and read a book whenever I get a chance, which is usually after Mila’s bedtime. Both my husband and I will take turns laying on the couch reading or sometimes we read together on this couch at night. The sconces give off the perfect amount of reading light!

I also love to sip tea during Mila’s naps and read magazines and books on the couch. This room is definitely an enjoyable room in our house!

What do you think of the new plug in wall sconces in our living room?! Have you ever used plug in wall lights in your home? I’m glad their is a solution for those of us who don’t want to have to install lighting directly into the wall!