For Easter, Thomas, Mila and I flew to Idaho to spend a long weekend with family at Schweitzer Moutain. We all hung out, went skiing and had a blast! It was so nice to spend quality time with family in such a beautiful location. It warmed our hearts to see Mila spend time with her grandparents. We had gourmet meals each night, slept well and had fun, including being in the hot tub while snow gently fell from the sky. It was the perfect getaway and I am very grateful to my in-laws for this wonderful trip!

While I am writing another post about our ski adventure. Here I want to share photos from Easter.

The rising sun on the way to the airport.

Honestly we almost missed our flight! We woke up at 4:45 am and left by 5:45 am for a flight that left at 8:15 am. Everyone was on the plane and with 2 minutes before takeoff at 8:13 am we were at the gate hoping they would let us on the plane! It all worked out and we were able to board, thank goodness. The next day my legs were seriously sore from running in my big Sorel boots while caring Mila, lol. Mila did great on the two hour flight. The little plastic cups full of water amused her the most as she played with those and she loved having her animal cookie snacks, the people around also did a good job entertaining her. Moral of the story though is we can’t do early morning flights. With a baby and driving far to the airport, its definitely a journey.

After we flew into Spokane it took us another few hours to get to the mountains. We were greeted by my father-in-law and Sherri. When we walked into the place and went to our room there were Easter baskets for all of us! Steve and Sherri were so generous and thoughtful! They filled our baskets full of wonderful goodies, organic socks, stickers, beautiful earrings for me, yummy organic chocolates in our eggs and lots of books and other fun stuff in Mila’s basket. Below are our baskets that we dug into.

Here is my Easter basket. I loved everything in it!


Thomas’s and my basket. Mila’s is pictured below on the ottoman.
Mila and her Oma reading one of her new books they got her. 🙂

We stayed in an amazing condo at White Pine which is right in the Schweitzer Mountain Resort. It had truly a million dollar view! The windows were floor to ceiling of the mountains and Lake Pend Orielle in the distance. It was awesome to wake up and see such incredible views!  Mila just loved hanging out by the windows and looking out at the gorgeous views. We all did!

Mila got the cutest slippers in her Easter basket and she just loved running around the room wearing them.

It was such a treat to wake up to such gorgeous views! We saw the mountain with sunny days and snowy ones too. I loved when the morning sun would flood the room with light.

The bed we slept in was a King size bed and it was SO comfortable! I slept so well each night and Mila did too! She only woke up once or twice to nurse which is less than she normally does at home. This inspired me to buy a mattress topper, so we ordered one and have it on the way. Hopefully our bed at home will be as comfortable!

Sherri is the best cook and our whole trip consisted of gourmet meals.The first day we had amazing clam chowder with cornbread. Other nights we had pizza, spaghetti squash pasta, grass fed burgers on homemade gluten free bread, chili and much more. Everything we ate was also all organic and healthy. It was just nice to drink Kombuchas and chill. Sherri even made this awesome ginger infused water with cayenne pepper sprinkled on, it tasted so good!

We also went out to eat at the restaurant Chimney Rock Grill at the resort and the food was absolutely delicious! I had a Shepard’s pie and it was so yummy. This trip was seriously luxurious.


Mila with her grandpa and Oma at dinner.

Mila enjoyed being in a new place and getting to hang out with her grandparents. We listened to music and she danced, we sang and had lots of fun. We brought a bag of her toys as a carry on so she had those to play with too.

Mila and Lexi, the puppy dog, also bonded on this trip. Lexi interacted so well with Mila and let her pet her and hug her, it was pretty adorable to see the two of them together. 🙂

Lexi just loved to sit and watch to see if other dogs were down below in the parking lot. When she came across other dogs she would bark and let them know that they were in her territory, lol. It was pretty cute.

I love Mila in that yellow dress. That was an Easter gift from my dad and stepmom.

I think Mila is going to be into yoga when she is older because she is always doing downward facing dog and stretching into positions. It is really cute!


Its not Easter without the bunny ears. 🙂 Mila looked adorable in her bunny rabbit ears, she only wore them for a few seconds, but enough to snap this sweet photo.

Lexi is a cutie, a very playful, happy dog.

After a day on the slopes it was nice to come back home and relax. We are thankful that Steve and Sherri watched Mila while we went into the hot tubs a few nights.


I love this family photo of us! 🙂 We had just went skiing and I changed back into regular clothes while Thomas still had on his layers.

The day before Easter, on Saturday, we dyed Easter eggs with one of those kits. I want to dye eggs naturally from plants one year, but this kit was really convenient for being at the condo and it was fun to decorate the eggs. We all added a little something to each egg and Mila scribbled on some of them with a crayon. I think they turned out great!

On Easter morning, Mila’s grandparents hid the eggs we dyed around the room and she had fun collecting them. It was pretty cute how she even tossed some of them into the basket and they cracked lol. She did a great job and found all twelve of them.


We watched an almost full moon one night in the hot tub and on another day we went into the hot tub in the late afternoon as it was snowing. It was so cool to be in the hot water as cool snow flakes fell from the sky. It really was magical. I’m also happy we were able to be in the hot tub with just the two of us. When we were done our robes were covered in fresh powder so we hurried up to get back into the building. This trip I only brought my Sorel snow boots, so next time I’ll remember flip flops. I walked barefoot to the hot tub and back and it felt really gross to walk on the carpet to the room! lol.


The views were so serene and beautiful.
We made organic sugar cookies with yummy frosting and natural sprinkles. The cookies were beyond delicious! We ate them all up fast. I frosted the cookies while Sherri decorated them with icing. We had fun baking cookies together.


It was sad the last day to say goodbye to Steve and Sherri. We had so much fun and we were happy we were able to spend quality time with them. We miss them already but look forward to when we see them again this year!

Mila, Thomas and Grandpa.