our gallery wall

One component I love about our home are the vaulted ceilings that make the main level of our living room, dining room and kitchen feel so spacious. We have a lot of wall space to work with and I knew a gallery wall in the dining room would be the perfect way to make the most of the space.

We created a gallery wall in Mila’s nursery and I just fell in love with how they look. It is fun to view so much art at once. I love art and I believe the more the merrier; gallery walls will always have a place in our home. 🙂 For months this wall remained bare, but within six months of living in our new home, I was able to find and frame all of the art to create the gallery wall and I couldn’t be more thrilled and pleased with how the wall looks.

A rule is that you shouldn’t use more than two different types of frames in gallery walls to make the look cohesive. I decided to have white and natural wood colored frames in our gallery wall. Our gallery wall, besides the pottery painting and the inspirational words, ended up having a nature theme – flowers, outdoor scenes, trees, horses, etc. These are all of the things we love and are about.

I used purchased art, thrifted art, purchased cards that I framed, our own photos, and a few unframed pieces of art such as a Colorado sign and a metal plaque of wild horses to create our gallery wall.

Honestly when it came to hanging all of the art on the wall, we didn’t have it all planned out like they suggest about gallery walls, using tape to trace where each piece will go. We just added art as it was ready to be hung and thankfully it all came together!

A big part of why I think it came together so well is that we used a variety of shapes and sizes for the art. When you do this it adds visual interest to the gallery wall. I also made sure to space them a bit differently. Really I had my husband stand back and I told him where I liked it the most and that is how everything was hung.

Our gallery wall


The floral bouquet print I ordered from artfullywalls.com its called Arrangement No. 2 by KT Smail.

The mandala above it I made and named it ‘Healing Garden’ and have it for sale here in my Society 6 shop.

The watercolor to the left of it I found at a thrift store and it is a Spring scene of the local mountain, Pikes Peak.

The vintage rose I downloaded from the thegraphicsfairy.com and then framed. The website has tons of vintage images of flowers, botanicals, etc. I love that site!

The metal wild horses plaque, Thomas got for me when he went on a mountain biking trip in Canada. It was one of the first gifts he gave me and is so special to me. 🙂

The pottery scene painting was thrifted about ten years ago. I gave it a new look by painting the frame white. The painting represents the feminine and masculine via the two different pots. I have placed it in the relationship corner in Feng Shui. In the relationship bagua, the back right of the room looking in from the kitchen, you should place items in pairs so I have the pottery painting, the two horses and the two quotes hung there.

For the longest time I disliked the beige colored walls through out the house. Maybe it’s because at our last rental home we lived at for five years, the walls remained beige and I felt like they were boring. I wanted desperately to paint them but didn’t because the landlord didn’t approve.

Now that we have painted walls in our home (I’ll share some in posts soon!) I realize painting is a lot of work and takes time, energy and money. So the beige walls don’t look so bad to me anymore and I actually feel like they bring warmth to the rooms.




The three quotes that are framed in our gallery wall I picked up in Boulder, Colorado at a local boutique shop. I absolutely love cards and inspirational words and when I saw these quotes I knew then that I wanted them framed on our wall. I framed them in 8 x 8 frames that I picked up at Michael’s.


These are photos that Thomas and I took. Thomas took the mountain scene with the full moon which was right outside in our backyard in Utah. The trail photo below it I took when we were on a hiking trail on our way to see a glacier in Banff, Alberta Canada.



I thrifted the painting above. I love flowers but I didn’t like the reddish brown background. So I embellished it by adding pink acrylic paint strokes to it. It gives off a Van Gough Starry Night look that I love and really transforms the painting. So if you ever are thrift store shopping and see a painting you like but there are parts of if you don’t like, you can always add to it!



I got the Colorado sign in Manitou Springs when my sister and her family were visiting and we visited all of the shops up there. They have the coolest Colorado souvenir shops!

The quote is also a card that I framed. I love it! May you be forever blessed! 🙂


The tree image to the right of the Colorado sign I thrifted and put into a new frame. And the meadow scene the the right of the tree I got at Home Goods and framed it. The black and white flower photo above the tree picture I won in an online giveaway from a blog.

What do you think of our gallery wall? I’m sure with time we will switch out the art. We could possibly add more above and below it too. What about you, do you have a gallery wall? I’d love to see photos of yours or know if yours has a theme or specific look to it!