After reading about different houseplants in one of my books I realized I don’t have any flowering houseplants besides the Peace Lily in our home. I once had a Cyclamen but it didn’t do too well. I was determined to find a flowering house plant and I found the perfect one in the form of an African Violet!

I got this African Violet almost a month ago with Mila at the local nursery. I’ve been reading up on the popular flowering houseplant and when we saw them at the garden center, I fell in love with it and wanted one in the moment. I decided to wait to do a little research on the plant’s needs and to figure out where to place it in our house before I bought it.

In the book Crockett’s Indoor Garden, the author James Underwood Crockett states:

African violets are far and away the most popular flowering houseplants in this country, and they could hardly risen to that lofty spot if they were as delicate as people seem to think. In fact, they’re among the easiest of all flowering houseplants, and one of the few that stay in flower all year long.

This statement inspired me to go for it and add the beautiful house plant to our collection. My favorite part is the fact that these houseplants flower for a very long time. So Mila and I went back to pick up this violet colored African Violet and I couldn’t be more happier. 🙂 Now we can enjoy a flowering plant for the majority of the year with good care.

So far so good! They like a bright but not sunny window, so I chose an east facing window in our breakfast nook area. It is beautiful to look at and has already grown since we brought it home! I’ve been watering it through the bottom by filling the tray with water and letting the roots soak it up. I’ve also misted it from a distance, as it doesn’t like wet leaves.

I have it sitting in the window ledge and thankfully it is out of the way for our cats to bother. Lizzie liked to check it out but none of them have knocked it down, so I think it is safe where it is at. I will have to get a stand for it once it gets bigger and outgrows its current pot. Till then, I’m enjoying this beautiful little African Violet in our kitchen. Lizzie likes it too. 🙂

What about you, have you ever had an African Violet?