Happy Earth Day! In an effort to cut our water use, we have taken out sod in our lawn. In place of the sod we are going to create an amazing backyard garden, a space for flowers and another space for vegetables and herbs. We hope to attract butterflies, birds and honeybees.

Watering a lawn of grass is so expensive and uses so much water that it is wasteful. There are lots of beneficial plants that can take its place and use far less water. We have a bunch of seeds we are going to plant after the last frost, after Mother’s day. I have some seedlings growing inside as well. All of the sod is pulled up and now we just need to till the area and put a garden path in it.

My husband took a Lowe’s run with our daughter Mila on Thursday and he came home telling me that they had tons of plants on clearance at Lowes. Mila and I have checked out all of the plants in the garden center in anticipation for planting season so we know their stock was good, they had tons of beautiful plants available. We had previously scored three rose bushes and some poppy plants on sale for $3 each! Anyway, I was putting Mila to bed so Thomas went back and filled carts full of plants! We have a backyard budget and we did want to include already developed flowers, so this was a great opportunity to stock up! (In no way is this a sponsored post, I just wanted to share our experience).

The fun part was that my husband picked out all of the plants! It was late and he even brought a flashlight to check them out. He filled four carts full of plants! lol. He sent me a photo and I thought it was a bit overboard so he cut it down to two carts, lol!

I was so stoked when Thomas came home and unloaded the clearance plant scores into our indoor garden area off the family room. The plants are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see how they look and grow into our gardens!

Garden landscaping tip: Check out the clearance section at Lowe’s and other garden centers. They can’t sell plants that need a pruning for full price. This is how we were able to score so many plants at 50% or more off!

We bought 54 plants in total for $129 and $139.64 with tax.
All of the plants are perennials and will come back year after year besides three annuals we got. This is what we bought:

(3) Stock alheli (Annual) for $3 was, $5.98
(9) Viola Angel eye tiger for $3 was, $6.98
(7) Dianthus hybrida for $3 was, $6.98
(3) Georgia blue speedwell for $3 was, $6.98
(5) Saxifraga arendsii ‘Touran Scarlet’ for $3 was $6.98
(17) Arabis ‘Red Sensation’ for $1, was $4.48
(9) Stitch Witch Dwarf Iris for $3, was $6.98
(1) Bordeaux Steel Blue Meadow Sage for $3, was $6.98

The total price full price would have been $331.42 and $358.76 with tax!

In the morning we carried Mila downstairs to see them and she was thrilled! She even made a happy squeal. She loved the plants and smelled them and picked them up and was just so joyous about all of them, it was absolutely adorable!

While we know these plants are on clearance for a reason, the reason was that they all just need to be pruned, a little TLC is all they need. So that is what we did we pruned them to make them look good again.


We think these perennials are labeled wrong. They say Arabis ‘Red Sensation’ but the actual flowers are purple colored. For $1 each what a deal!


The plants were in great condition! They all just needed to be pruned and dead headed. So we set up a little station with an old Costco box, a bucket and some pruning shears.


After some pruning the flowers looked good as new or in our case good as a full priced flower! They are going to look so beautiful in our backyard garden! I can’t wait to show you guys the photos of them in the ground!

Aren’t these dianthus hybrida flowers beautiful?! They smell amazing too!



Have you ever bought plants on clearance for your yard?