Yesterday we spent most of the day tearing out the section of lawn that we are going to transform into our garden. We made a lot of progress! After this hard manual labor I was itching to go on an outdoor adventure. So we decided to visit Palmer Park, a cool park full of lots of trails. Mila and I had came here earlier in the week after a trip to the library and I brought the stroller up some trails but it really wasn’t a place for a stroller, lol, so I decided then we would come back with daddy. So we did. It was a beautiful day and just what we needed! It was a spontaneous adventure, we parked and just ventured into the woods and then came onto the Kinnikinick trail and followed it. It was so peaceful and beautiful! I love that Spring is here!

I forgot to bring the baby carrier so we just took turns carrying Mila and she also walked around a little too. We arrived around 4:30 pm and stayed for an hour or so. We arrived during the golden hour and the sun’s rays were gorgeously glowing among the terrain.We came across mountain bikers and hikers with big dogs and even people chilling in hammocks among the trees. We also found some trash that we put in our backpack to recycle when we got home. It was a fun outing and we are definitely going to be coming here often now that we’ve discovered this amazing place! We are so happy to be back in Colorado!