Spring is here and so is Easter! It’s been fun seeing Mila play with her Easter eggs, collecting them in her basket inside our home and in our backyard, they are the perfect toy for little ones to play with, great for manual dexterity too. She loves to open the eggs and close them and place them all throughout the house.

I found her cute Easter basket at the thrift store for $2.50. I love how it is wicker and has pink in it. While I’m not a fan of plastic and its effects on the environment, I did get two packs of plastic eggs at the dollar store with the intentions of using them again and again. I loved that they had metallic colored ones and pastel metallic eggs.

We were gifted these wonderful wood eggs from a friend of Mila’s grandma, that make different noises when shaken and one of them you are able to twist. Mila loves them! I love that they are made of the natural material wood and we can use them throughout the years.

We got this adorable baby chick from Bass Pro Shop, it tweets when you squeeze it. We got this a few months ago, they had tons of stuffed animals that make noises and we went through all of them and the baby chic is the one Mila loved the most so this is the one we took home, which is perfect for Easter!

I had fun colorful turquoise confetti type paper that goes on the bottom of the basket, but Mila threw this everywhere in the house and backyard lol, so I just decided to recycle it, but it looked really cute in the basket!

We are headed to Schweitzer mountain in Idaho to ski with Thomas’s dad and stepmom and we are really exited for this adventure! We will be spending Easter with them, so I will be back to share more photos from our adventures there. Anyway, Happy Easter and Happy Spring! It has been snowing here in Colorado, but the days before were t-shirt weather.

Have you made a little basket for your children? What do you include in the basket? We decided to get Mila an Easter gift and it should be arriving when we are gone but I’ll share it when we get back. Have a good one!