I’ve always wanted a library in our home and thanks to my wonderful husband we now have a library in our living room! My husband built us three gorgeous pine bookshelves from scratch. These bookshelves were a labor of love and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. This room is my favorite room in the whole house! It is the first room in our home off the front entry way when you walk in. The large window floods the room with light and it is filled with plants. It is just a cheery comfortable room to spend time in and the bookshelves look as is they were meant to be in this room. I love to sit on the couch and read with a cup of tea. I also love to play with Mila on the floor and read to her in the arm chair.

The bookshelves are so functional and provide tons of storage for books and other things including baskets for Mila’s toys. I wasn’t sure what to put on the top of the bookshelves but I have lots of vases that I needed to find somewhere in our home to store, and I liked how they look on top of the bookshelves. I can’t wait till spring and summer to fill them with cut flowers!

It took about six months for these bookshelves to be built. Before then, this room was a mess with books stacked on the floor, which wasn’t good Feng Shui, haha. With all of the house projects we’ve worked on and busy weekends away with family last year, it just took awhile for my husband to build them. My husband used a router and miter saw. He used dovetails for the whole thing but when he created one side it basically made it unstable so he did end up putting screws in the bookshelves. I like how the screws look and give the bookshelves a nice accent that mimics the wood knots. It was worth the wait for these beautiful bookshelves that add ambience to the room! I love that they are made of pine wood which brings a nice earthy natural element to the room. They are not stained but are finished with Formbys low gloss tung oil finish.

Since our daughter is a toddler, we had to make sure these bookshelves would be safe for her. So my husband had the great idea to mount them to the wall. He used an L bracket and found where the studs were on the wall and drilled the bracket into the studs. By doing this the bookshelves are very secure against the wall and won’t move at all, making them completely safe and kid friendly!

What do you think of our bookshelves?! I love them and am so thankful we have these in our home! I’m so proud of Thomas for making these for us, he did an amazing job, especially since he created these in his head and built them from their raw materials! Overall these bookshelves cost $350 for three custom handmade bookshelves, which is a little over $100 per bookshelf. This is way more affordable than buying bookshelves from a retail store. It is special that my husband made these for us and they are one of a kind, no one else in the world has these same bookshelves. 🙂 I see these bookshelves being handed down for generations to come!

What about you do you have bookshelves in your home? What about a little library? I’d love to see your photos!