Last year our goal was to get settled into our new home and decorate the interior. While we aren’t completely done with this, some rooms still need lots of wall art, for the most part we have the furniture and rooms how we want them. This year our goal is to focus on the exterior of our home. This includes painting our house and making a garden! I’m so excited for both and especially for making a food and flower garden. We have a very large backyard and one side of the house gets full sun so much that the grass is always baked there, so that is where we are going to put both gardens. Now it is time for garden planning!

In anticipation for garden season, we’ve been planning our gardens by sketching a plan, measuring, and grouping flowers and plants where we plan on placing them in the garden. We are going to pull out all of the grass in that area, make paths and plant, plant, plant! We still will have grass in our backyard in a different area. Thomas is going to make raised beds for the food and herb gardens. We would love to have a brick or stone path that curves through the flower garden with a few benches so we can sit and enjoy the warm rays and the gorgeous blooms through the seasons!

We’ve bought lots of seeds. I actually started germinating old seeds from our garden from six years ago. We went big on our garden in 2012 in Utah. We actually had 19 cherry tomato plants! We went too big on that garden and it was hard to harvest and maintain, so this year we are making a realistic food and herb garden and are scaling back. We plan to plant probably no more than four of each type of food plant and herbs. I would love for some of the seeds to sprout and I’m interested to see what will happen. Maybe they won’t sprout or maybe they will? I’ll keep you guys posted! Yesterday I started all of our food seeds as well as some flower seeds from the new seeds we just purchased.

I thrifted this wonderful book, Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials, and it is so great to refer to perennials and all of their specific requirements. The book shows you how to plant a garden full of perennials and I will use it as a reference for creating and maintaining our flower garden.

Ever since I was a little girl I remember visiting the garden center with my mom and sister and imagining my home someday as an adult being landscaped beautifully with flower borders everywhere. The day has come and I’ve stocked up on both perennial and annual flowers to create our flower garden.

I was able to find bulbs at Big Lots and even Dollar Tree! We got seeds from various places and I think most of them we will just start outdoors after the last frost in early May.


For Valentine’s Day I wanted gardening supplies, so Thomas got me this beautiful gardening set with the gardening apron and shovel. I can’t wait to use these this season! He also got me this beautiful plant mister for misting our indoor plants.


This is what we are planning to plant in our flower garden:

Shasta Daisy
Sweet William
Painted Daisy
Asiastic Lily
African Daisy

Last summer we got a beautiful rose bush that we planted in the ground that has the prettiest small pink roses. I want to get a few more rose bushes to make a small rose garden area and we need to get some bushes to add depth to our flower garden so that it isn’t just a field of flowers.

I look forward to sharing photos once we get going with planting our garden this Spring!

How about you, are you planning a garden this year?!