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March 2018


Mila’s Easter Basket

Spring is here and so is Easter! It’s been fun seeing Mila play with her Easter eggs, collecting them in her basket inside our home and in our backyard, they are the perfect toy for little ones to play with,…

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hiking, travel

Palmer Park Trail

Yesterday we spent most of the day tearing out the section of lawn that we are going to transform into our garden. We made a lot of progress! After this hard manual labor I was itching to go on an…

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Garden planning

Last year our goal was to get settled into our new home and decorate the interior. While we aren’t completely done with this, some rooms still need lots of wall art, for the most part we have the furniture and…

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our home

Handmade pine bookshelves

I’ve always wanted a library in our home and thanks to my wonderful husband we now have a library in our living room! My husband built us three gorgeous pine bookshelves from scratch. These bookshelves were a labor of love…

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