A few days before Mila turned 13 months I took her last photo session of her at 12 months old. These are the final photos of her first year’s monthly development photo shoots sitting on the blue chair with her little fox stuffed animal. Our little girl has grown up so fast! She is no longer a baby but is now officially our toddler.

While I tear up seeing these photos of our daughter now 13 months old, I’m also so excited to see her grow and develop each day and for all the exciting things that are yet to come. It has been an amazing first 12 months of Mila’s life! Our daughter is so sweet, smart, silly and fun. She makes our lives so much brighter and fulfilling and I love waking up each day to see our little girl’s sweet smile and am excited for what the day will bring for us. She truly is our pride and joy and my love for her exponentially grows. 🙂

Mila had her first haircut at the end of January. We want her hair to grow out but we needed to have her bangs trimmed because they were getting really long and in the way. We got the package where they take a photo of her and save some of her hair. She did so good! When she first sat in the chair she wanted out but we were right near by and they distracted her with a toy and even had shows on the screens so we allowed her to watch something while the lady cut her bangs. Then she was fine and did a great job! Her hair is curly just like her mommy and daddy’s. It looks so cute and I honestly think its getting lighter in color.

  • At 12 months Mila loves walking and exploring. When we go to stores she loves grabbing things and putting them other places, just like she does at home. She love rearranging!
  • She loves apples more than any food, and says ‘app’ for apple and has said ‘apple’ once. 
  • She still says mama and dadda but does a wonderful job saying things that sound what the phrase is like ‘I love you.’ 
  • She loves to repeat phrases from her favorite books like ‘pop,pop,pop’ from the book Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You
  • When she doesn’t want something, such as when she is done eating yogurt, she will shake her head no and say ‘neh’ for no.
  • She can move down from the bed and chairs on her own and expertly climb up and down the stairs.
  • Mila loves dancing to music, especially country, it is pretty adorable how she loves music!
  • She loves moving things across the floor like the kitchen chairs and her ottoman in her room.
  • A cute thing that didn’t start till she was 12 months is her carrying her dolls. She holds them and will put them in the doll’s stroller. She just loves them! We were at the thrift store and they had a cute doll and I wasn’t sure if I should get it for her, but she squealed when she saw it and carried it the whole time we were shopping. 
  • She also has gotten really good about petting and hugging our cats. Mila is so loving! 
  • She loves taking baths and will say ‘ba’ every time I tell her its bath time and she gets excited.
  • She is social, when we are out and about she loves seeing other kids and when we go to the public library she likes to interact with the other children.
  • When she sees photos of animals she can make the sounds when I ask her and she always roars when she sees a photo of a lion or tiger.
  • She has 10 teeth now! She was getting picky about eating for a few weeks, but has been pretty good about eating her food lately. She will always eat apples and Chiptole though, haha.
  • I still nurse Mila but I think she wants to nurse less during the day and is starting to wean.
  • She still won’t wear bows, she will take them off as soon as she sees me put them in her hair or discovers it on her head, though she was too distracted by her daddy being silly for her to notice in the photos below.


Mila’s Outfit
Dress, similar – This is the dress she wore at her First Birthday party with family. Its from Old Navy and it was pretty plain, so I sewed on the ribbon near the bodice and made a matching bow. I love this dress and really love all of Old Navy dresses. They seriously go from dresses to tunics and get alot of use, while also being really cute!
Shoes – (Old Navy, no longer available)