Our sweet Mila turns 12 months old in less than a week! Last weekend we celebrated a combined 1st birthday party for Mila and her cousin Lucas that is two months older than her. My dad’s side of the family was there as well as Thomas’s family. It was a lot of fun and cute to see Mila interact with her cousin and everyone. She is such a loving baby and snuggler! She is always happy too. 🙂 We are also going to celebrate her birthday on her actual birthday next Wednesday. I am going to make her a special cake. 🙂

At 11 months Mila is walking! She runs all over the house and we are in need of getting more baby gates. If I take my eyes off her for a second she is almost at the stairs, so I need to watch her like a hawk. She enjoys walking around the house and it is nice to spend time in various rooms as she explores. The cutest thing is seeing her walking with her daddy at stores!

She is very dexterous, loves opening things, eating snacks like blueberries. She has eight teeth now! She eats everything we give her and eats with us at the dinner table. It is very precious to have her eating with us. She eats all of the soft food from our meals.

When she talks the words sound like real words. She says ‘mama’, ‘mom’, ‘papa’, ‘hot’, she has said hi and poop once. She says ‘hot’ because Thomas plays a game where he throws something in the air and says ‘hot’ and she just loves it! She imitates him and says ‘hot, hot’ as she throws her arms in the air, its adorable. 🙂

We’ve also graduated to giving her baths in the actual tub of the bathroom! She loves it.

I look forward to her first birthday on January 10th! As my aunt said, we have graduated our first year of being parents! It has been such a blessing, not easy at times but a very good thing to happen to our lives, our Mila Anna being born. She makes out lives so much more fulfilling and fun. We are SO blessed for our baby girl and look forward to continuing to watch her grow up each and everyday!

Mila has 8 teeth now!