DIY kantha quilt curtains

I love kantha quilts and in this post I am going to show you how you can make your own DIY kantha curtains!

What are Kantha quilts?

Kantha quilts are beautiful, vibrant, colorful quilts that originate in India and Bangladesh. They are made from pieces of women’s old saris and are intricately hand stitched stitched to create light blankets and throws out of scraps of fabric. I love how they re-purpose these to make a completely new beautiful and practical product.

Kantha quilts are very bohemian in home decor. My style is is boho eclectic and I absolutely love the look of kantha quilts!  I searched the internet for kantha curtains but had no luck finding any in my price range.  I decided to get creative and cut a kantha quilt in half, sew it and transform them into gorgeous curtains for our family room.

Transforming a kantha quilt is very simple. First you need to find the right kantha quilt you want to make into curtains.  These make GREAT curtains year round since they are heavier and thicker then most curtains so they will help hold the heat in your home, especially if you live in places where in snows or can be cold in the winter.

Below are some pretty kantha quilts that would be perfect to use in this project for curtains. (They are all on Amazon too!)

1. Ikat Blue Kantha Quilt – These are the ones I used for my DIY Kantha Quilt curtains
2. White Bird Print Kantha Quilt – I’m considering these for our bedroom windows!
3. Patchwork Kantha Quilt
4. White and Blue Kantha Quilt
5. Teal Bird Kantha Quilt
6. Green Paisley Kantha Quilt
7. Mandala Patchwork Kantha Quilt
8. Indigo Kantha Quilt





1. Measure

Depending on the size of your window you are going to want to order a twin, queen or king size quilt. I ordered two queen size kantha quilts in order for them to fit the windows in our family room. I used these kantha quilts in queen size.

2. Fold in half and cut

I smoothed out the kantha quilt and folded it directly in half. Then I used scissors to cut it along the folded edge.

3. Sew edges

After you cut the fabric you want to make sure you finish the edges so they don’t fray. I did a zig-zag stitch seam finish which is really basic, easy and will help keep the ends from fraying. It will also give the curtains a finished look. This article describes how to do this zig zag finishing stitch.

4. Attach curtain rings and hang

I picked up my curtain rings from World Market, but you can also order them on Amazon here. For each curtain panel I used 10 curtain rings, so 20 curtains rings per window. I love the curtains hanging from the curtain rings because you don’t have to sew the top portion and they easily slide across the curtain rod when you open the curtains every morning. I love them!

When it comes to hanging curtains properly this article by Emily Henderson explains perfectly how to hang curtains. Basically the curtains should be hung 2/3 up from the ceiling to the window, just touch the ground and extend up to 12 inches on each side of the window.

I love how the DIY kantha quilt curtains turned out!

I adore these curtains and I love how they brighten the room! They also are perfect for winter to keep the heat in!

What do you think of the DIY kantha quilt curtains?! I’d love to know if you attempt to make some of your own!