Mila LOVES books. Thomas and I love reading and we love that Mila does too! Reading is a part of our everyday lives. We read to Mila everyday. I’ve found books at thrift stores and have received them as gifts. Mila’s book collection is constantly growing.Right now her book bins are overfilling.  I’d like to share some  recommendation on books for a 12 month old, based on what my 12 month old, Mila, can’t get enough of.

I’ve collected books that I think are cute for various age levels. Many of her books are still too long for her to be interested in them but she definitely has her favorites!

books for a 12 month old

Mila will listen to a book multiples times in a row. She will hand me her favorite books, sit in my lap and listen as I read. It is pretty adorable! I love reading to her! I have to admit though, reading a book over and over again, can get boring so lately I’ve been suggesting other books for us to read after we’ve read her favorite ones once. She has been fine with this.

Below are Mila’s favorite books for a 12 month old, books she can read over and over again!

Books for a 12 month old

books for a 12 month old

top row

I Can Fly

I would say this is Mila’s favorite book. She just loves this book. I love it too. It rhymes and is short and sweet. It is also a book I remember from my childhood. The illustrations are great and I love how the little girl looks like all of the animals described in the book as she imitates each one throughout the story. This is a cute book. Her favorite pages are “Bump, bump, bump I’m a camel with a hump” and “Pitter pitter pat, I can walk like a cat.”

The Poky Little Puppy’s Counting Book

This is another cute book where you follow the puppy around as you count various things he sees before getting home such as bees, strawberries and kittens. I point of all of the animals and try to make the animal’s sounds.

Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You?

This book is full of fun sounds that aren’t the common animal sounds but rather other sounds like thunder – boom, boom, boom and a clock’s tick tock. It rhymes and is an all around fun book that Mila loves.

Guess Who!

This book is full of rhymes that describe animals from various areas of the world. The best part is there is a little mirror for your child to look at with the animal’s features around them. It is cute and fun and I love the colorful illustrations.

middle row

All I See Is Part of Me

This is a beautiful spiritual book that shows how we are all connected to nature and the universe, to the plants, animals and people and how we are all one. It is full of positive energy. It rhymes and has really great colored pencil illustrations. There is also a page that has a variety of animals on it and people on it and I love to point out all of the animals and make their sounds. I love this book its message is so powerful and Mila loves it too. Though it isn’t a board book and she has ripped some pages, its worth it for the message itself, plus a little tape does the trick. 🙂

 Lets Get Counting

Counting is the theme of this book where there are various objects and things to count. It is fun to discuss the objects along with the counting, for example Mila loves apples and I will do the sign language sign for apples when we get to that page.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

A cute classic book on animals, that also describes colors too, such as a purple cat. I read this book to Mila while making all of the animal’s sounds on each page, she loves it, so do I and I love the illustrations.

Llama Llama’s Little Library

Mila received this gift for Christmas from her auntie, uncle and cousin and can’t get enough of it! I love these books as well! This series of books is special to us since we had our llama hiking experience in New Mexico last year. The rhymes, are short, sweet and have wonderful sound effects like thump, thump, thump and whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. The stories also describe everyday experiences like waking up for the day and going to bed and what these routines entail. I think these books are the present day Arthur and Bernstein Bear type of books that I grew up with. I want to buy all the books in the series, and we actually just ordered Mila this one for Valentine’s Day. The set includes Llama Llama Nighty-Night, Llama Llama Zippity-Zoom, Llama Llama Wakey Wake and Llama Llama Hoppity Hop.

books for a 12 month old

Playful Discoveries Nursery Rhymes

This book is full of classic simple nursery rhymes and has famous portraits to show each rhyme such as Van Gough’s Starry Night for Twinke, Twinkle Little Star. There is also one word on each page shown with its pronunciation in three different languages, English, Spanish and French. Mila’s favorite nursery rhyme is Row, Row, Row your boat in this book.

bottom row

Mama Loves Me!

My eyes teared up when I first read this book. The book describes things mama’s do for their children, like “Mama comforts me” “mama takes me places” It is just a really simple and sweet book. As a stay-at-home mom it really is sweet as Mila and I can relate to doing all the activities together that are listed on each page.

Dr. Seusse’s ABC Book

This is the first book that really captivated Mila at around 3 or 4 months. It rhymes throughout and shows words that start with each letter of the alphabet, while I don’t enjoy all of the illustrations, this book is fun, has good rhymes and is highly enjoyable for the little ones.

Hullabaloo At the Zoo

I wasn’t able to find this book online, but either way it is a fun book that discusses the animal’s being bored at the zoo and deciding to sing, dance and have fun. You put your fingers in the book to clap and illustrate the animal’s movements. It rhymes and is an enjoyable book to read to Mila and she loves it as well.

What about you, what books do your kids love or what did they love at 12 months? I’d love to know!

Whether your child is 12 months or older or younger, if they are a toddler I’m sure they will really enjoy these books for a 12 month old, as seriously our daughter thoroughly enjoys all of these books!

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books for a 12 month old