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2017 was the year of becoming a mama and nurturing our beautiful baby girl as she grows up each day. It was also the year we became homeowners and began all of the fun house projects to make the house we bought a home. Yes, 2017 was a leap in our growing up status! I definitely feel like we are ‘adulting.’ It makes sense too that I went through my Saturn Return in 2017 in astrology this happens for the first time when you are 28-30 years old. It is a time when you mature and are officially considered an adult. While I have a lot of posts I need to share of all of the things we’ve done so far in our home the past year, the list of projects I want to do to our home’s interior continues.

The next project I am exited to tackle is to paint a black accent wall on a short wall that currently has plants on it and is our indoor garden area. The above collage of photos is inspiring me. I love the depth, moodiness and drama that black walls convey. I also think that plants look pretty against black as they stand out especially when the planters are lighter which gives them more contrast from the dark wall. I’m loving the dark bluish color of the bottom left photo too.

Below is the wall I currently want to paint black or a dark color.

The wall is small so it should be a quick and easy paint job. I think I will even paint the trim black.

The area is about four steps down from the main level of our home and to the right of the wall is the patio door. I have the plants on a light pink shelf that was once in Mila’s first nursery in Utah. I think both the light pink shelf and the white table will especially look good against a black wall. I also think the black will match the black wooden slats that divide the breakfast nook from the lower area which is above the wall.

What do you think? Should I paint the wall black? My husband doesn’t seem too thrilled about a black wall in our home. Please let me know what I should do and if not black what color should I paint it?

What about you, what do you think of black accent walls? Have you ever painted a wall in your home black? I’m curious to know!