I love animals and one of my favorite things to do is watch wildlife in nature. Over the years we’ve come across lots of beautiful animals in the great out doors. I thought I would share all of these animal sightings on the blog.
This is a beautiful female Northern Flicker Woodpecker that was spotted one sunny winter morning last week in our backyard hanging out in a tree. She was staying warm as she was all puffed up.
Flickers are a type of brown woodpecker. This is a red shafted Northern Flicker. These birds are characterized by their grey and brown face, their red malars (male) and brown malars (female), unpatterned nape and red shaft colors. They eat beetles and ants and these types can be commonly found on the ground more often than in trees.
Here is another red shafted Northern Flicker Woodpecker on a different day photographed from our backyard.

Before I was even sure what type of birds these were I checked out one of my thrifted books, A Guide to Field Identification Birds of North America. I’ve never really actually used this book but I’m happy I have it because it shows all of the birds of North America. I will be using it from now on to identify all the birds I see in our yard, neighborhood and in nature. Below are photos from the book, as you can see the birds in our backyard are the red shafted Flickers.

I believe in Spirit Animals, which is a whole topic in itself, but basically animals have specific characteristics that pertain to them and they can teach us things. The animals showing up in our lives bring symbolic messages.
All animals and birds have a spiritual significance and after referring to their meanings in the book, Animal Speak The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small, the author states
 … especially when it is a red shafted flicker, that the stimulation of the latent talents is going to be a catalyst for major creative changes in your life. Your physical and material life is going to change.
In addition, in order for the Flicker to climb so well it has four toes, two in the front and two in the back of its feet, which is unique from other birds. Ted Andrews states in Animal Speak:
For those with this totem, it can reflect (the four toes) a new balance coming into your life … anytime there is balance, there is greater health.

Have your heard of spirit animals? What do you think? I think birds and animals are so fascinating and I love reading about their symbolic meanings.

I hope my latent talents can come to the surface and help me in my creativity and also for more balance to come into my life! I honestly feel like these energies are occuring in my life.