I definitely think the holidays are one of my favorite times of the entire year, especially because of the beautiful Christmas lights that adorn many homes. I also love the festive wreaths, bows and holiday decorations. We lucked out living near festive people because our whole block is pretty much covered in Christmas lights. Christmas lights are magical, I love the look of them and I think its so much fun to see how people decorate their front yards with lights.

My mom kindly gave us a buck and doe yard lights, which I absolutely love! They look so good in our yard. My husband planted lots of plants this Fall but our front yard is mainly rock including a faux river made of rocks. The buck and doe fit perfect with the landscape and we even got creative and decided to light up part of the faux rock river with blue lights. It looks like the deer are drinking from the river! I have to say I’m proud of our Christmas lights. We also just used what we had besides buying the blue lights for the river.

I look forward to switching up the look of our Christmas lights each year and adding more lights to our collection. I’m excited to see what we decorate our yard next year, but I think it is safe to say we will always have the buck, doe and river lit up in our yard. 🙂

What about you did you decorate or put up Christmas lights in your yard this year?