I love our Christmas tree! Strung lights around it and pretty ornaments all over it and it being a live tree, I think all of this adds up to good Feng Shui! Yes it is true that all Christmas trees bring good Feng Shui to a space, whether live or faux! The positive energy that a Christmas tree brings is amazing and if I could, I would have this tree lit up year round. 😉

We have our tree situated in the living room, the first room to the left of the front entryway and I love it there. We need to get lighting figured out in the room as there is only a switch that you need to a lamp plugged into to get light. Now though, we have the Christmas tree plugged into that outlet, so one flip of the switch and we have a gorgeous tree illuminating the room with its beauty!

We traveled to Idaho for an earlier Christmas with family and as soon as we were home Friday, the 15th, and Thomas got off work we were all at Lowes to get our tree. Mila and I went ‘tree window shopping’ a few weeks before. We got a Fraser Fir tree, which is our first and I absolutely love it. Last year we had a Grand Fir tree but I really like the Fraser Fir. Luckily there were a few left, so we got a 7 foot one for $50. I had bought three packs of lights for a total of 900 lights to put on the tree and those will now be our forever Christmas tree lights.

While it may be easier to have a faux tree to set up for the holidays, there is something magical about having a real tree, from the scent to the act of choosing it and looking at it. I think we will just always be a real Christmas tree family. I do want to try to find ways to use the tree when we are done with it for the holiday season. I instantly saw this tree and knew it was the one for our home, Thomas and Mila liked it, we took it home and within hours it was set up and decorated, of course while we listened to Christmas music the whole time, man I love the holidays!



This reindeer and sleigh are special because they were my grandmother’s and she gave them to my mom who gave them to me. They are definitely vintage and were apart of the Christmas decorations when my mom was growing up. I feel so honored to have these on display in our home. 🙂 Mila loves them too, as soon as I put these up I carried her around the room and she noticed them and made excited noises and pointed, it was adorable!


I put tree trimmings of the fir tree around art in our home. I think it looks festive!


I love our stockings! I got the three in the middle from World Market. From left to right is Thomas’s, Mila’s and mine. Mila picked out her stocking. I put the fox and a llama stocking in front of her twice and both times she grabbed for the fox stocking. At Michael’s I found the little stockings and got the first initial for all of our kitties! From left to right Lucas, Riley, Willow, Lizzie and Odin. (All but Riley were born in our yard so we adopted the family in Utah and brought them with us to Colorado, they were all feral and are now happily, indoor/outdoor cats. Riley we adopted from Kitty City in Utah right at the same time as the kittens, so in one fell swoop we suddenly had 5 cats. We wouldn’t have it any other way!)


At Lowe’s they had free Christmas tree trimmings, so Mila and I loaded our cart with them and I came home and used wire to hold them together to make a wreath. I then made bows out of ribbon and attached them on. I love this wreath! This wall is above the breakfast nook and since we moved in I haven’t put any wall art on it, but this wreath looks good there for the holidays.

Well that is it. We don’t have many decorations, but I’m hoping each year I will collect little by little. We are going to Keystone this weekend to meet up with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. We can hardly wait! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a Merry Christmas to you!