our new christmas ornaments

Christmas is around the corner and I am getting so excited! Having a little one makes me more into the holidays then ever before. I want to always create a fun and festive home for our daughter and future children during the holiday seasons. We haven’t put up our tree yet because we are spending some time traveling at the end of the week. Since we have five cats, we don’t want to risk leaving them home with a real tree and having the tree fall down, ornaments break, our kitties being potentially hurt, you get the picture, it could be disastrous so we want to avoid that. Today I want to share and show you our new Christmas ornaments!

Once we get back from our trip in December in a few weeks, then we can go buy a real fir Christmas tree and string it with twinkling lights and pretty ornaments. Until then I will have to patently wait till our tree comes up and most likely it will be up into the New Year haha.

For now I have other Christmas decorations placed throughout the house and we even have the lights up on the outside of our house. They look beautiful! I can’t wait to share a post on that.

I have very little Christmas decorations. Most of them have been kindly given to me by Mom (thanks Mom!). Slowly through the years it is my goal to build up a collection of decorations by adding a few items each year. This year I have picked out nine new ornaments that I really love!

From a spiritual perspective, I do believe in angels. I ordered these ceramic handmade gold angel ornaments from Novica. I love that Novica sells fair trade items that help the workers who made them. These angels were created in India. Isn’t the packaging pretty! I love the pink tissue they are placed on.

I found this cute little deer, blue jay, and fox, at Hobby Lobby. I love how they are embroidered with sequins on them! They had them for 50% off so I got all three for $9. The gold buck and squirrel I got from World Market, during Black Friday, they were buy one get one free! (They sell them online here in a set of four. Now I want the other two part of the collection, the bear and fox.) I could have gone crazy getting tons of ornaments since they are so many beautiful ornaments out there, but I want to be intentional and build up our decorations over time.

I had to get the cute fox, seeing as Mila has been having her monthly photos with her fox stuffed animal it seems fitting to have a fox ornament. I also just really love all animals. Our Christmas ornaments will mainly be animals since they have a special place in our hearts and our lives.

The little squirrel ornament reminds me of all of the squirrels that live in our backyard. The buck and deer remind me of all of the buck and deer that would hang out in our yard in Utah. They would hang out in our yard for days, we would even put out water for them. The blue jay is a new bird that we have just seen since moving to our new home in Colorado.

I absolutely love our new ornaments and look forward to them being hung up on our Christmas tree! I find myself being drawn to gold ornaments. Maybe it is because my Moon is in Leo in astrology and Leos love gold and regal things? Either way I think that will be a theme for years to come. I also love glitter and sparkle ornaments.

What about you? Have you purchased any new ornaments this year? I would love to see them!